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AJ Lee
Ring Names: Miss April, AJ Lee, AJ
Born: 19th March 1987
Debut: 29th September 2007
Mini Bio: Although her girl-next-door fashion sense and relatively small frame might be misleading, make no mistake: AJ is an extremely fierce competitor. Since she first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on WWE NXT, this fearless spark plug has shown that theres no limit to how high she can go. With her high-flying (and high-risk) lucha libre in-ring style and indomitable fighting spirit, the energetic AJ is sure to pose a threat to any Diva she steps in the ring with. Continue Reading

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October 21st

-AJ was on the WWE Pre-show on the WWE App and Renee Young asked her about her Divas Title Defense at Hell in a Cell against Paige, to which AJ replied “I don’t what to expect. I’ve beat Paige before, she’s beaten me, but speaking of not knowing what to expect… Alicia Fox is gonna be on the outside, and look I’ve had my fair share of She-Hulks and Bane’s protecting me before (Tamina & Big E, lol), but I’ve realized that was wrong. Because a strong woman, she does not let her success be dependent on someone else. Look, I don’t have any friends, but I’ve this! (AJ shows her Divas Title off on her shoulder) This is all that I need! I’m a one Diva Army, I’m a one girl revolution, and no one, no one is taking this away from me.” AJ Smiles at Renee and skips off set having clearly made her feelings know about her Divas Title defense at Hell in a Cell.

-Later in the night on RAW AJ’s music hits and she skips out on stage and holds her Divas Title high for all to see before skipping down to the ring smiling (AJ just happens to be wearing her two tone pink and black shorts from her ‘Love Bite’s Photoshoot along with the rest of her current ring gear set). AJ kisses Divas Title and enters the ring and holds her Divas Title up high once again and sits on the ropes (AKA her Throne) as we go to commercial break.

~Commercial Break~

After the break AJ’s opponent for tonight Alicia Fox is in the ring and her and AJK stare each other down as Paige stands ringside, Cole does promo for AJ and Paige’s Divas Championship match at Hell in a Cell and then a replay is shown of what happened on Smackdown when AJ beat Layla in a match, but was then laid out by Paige and Alicia Fox. After the replay the match is set to the begin.

Non-Title Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Vs Alicia Fox (w/ Paige)

Both AJ and Paige circle and lock-up, Alcia with a headlock on AJ that is quickly escaped with some Elbows and whip to the ropes by AJ, but Alicia runs AJ over with a shoulder block after coming off the ropes. Alicia poses a bit and then goes off the ropes again, AJ slides under and catches Alicia with a nice back elbow off the rebound downing her. AJ swings up on Alicia’s shoulders into a nice roll-up pin, but Alicia kicks out at 2. AJ jumps  and wraps her legs around Alicia waist and goes into another nice roll-up pin, but once again gets only 2. AJ takes Alicia by the hair and skips a bit dragging her around the ring before tossing her into the ropes and nailing a signature spinning heel kick on her, AJ with another cover and another 2 count on Alicia. AJ with a spinning back kick to Alicia’s gut now and come off the ropes, but Alicia counters with a big boot flooring AJ.

Paige cheers for Alicia as she covers AJ, but AJ kicks out at 2. Alicia slams AJ’s face in the turnbuckle a couple times and then hits a northern lights suplex pin on her, which AJ kicks out of at 2 again. Alicia keeps the pressure on AJ with a sleeper hold, as the crowd chants for AJ trying to drive her to a comeback (great to hear). AJ fights up to her feet, but Alicia tosses her back down hard and smiles over her before bootleg skipping around her some. Alicia kicks the down AJ and then drives her face first into the mat. Alcia with a forearm to AJ’s face and then a kick to it as Paige mocks AJ on the outside. Alicia then hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on AJ and goes for another pin, another 2 count kick out by AJ.

Alicia with a chin lock on AJ now after screaming “I hate you!” at her, Paige talks mack to AJ from her spot ringside as AJ struggles in the hold and an even louder AJ chant starts from the crowd. AJ fights back to her feet, but Alicia nails a forearm to her back and slams her into a corner. Alicia chokes AJ with her boot as AJ’s legs flail in midair. The ref makes her break it and Alicia yells at him, but as she does she turns her back and AJ takes advantage with a double boot kick to her back. AJ follows-up meeting Alicia in midair with a thesz press and after pummeling her a bit AJ rolls off and Alicia struggles up into a corner where AJ hits her with a corner splash and then a neckbreaker. AJ is in firm control now and send Alicia flying down and out of the ring with a Hurricanrana.

Paige meets Alicia on the outside and yells at and pushes her before Alicia pushes her back, Paige then pushes Alicia hard into the barricade before grabing her by the hair and tossing her back in to the ring. AJ does not seem to know what to make of it for moment and then Paige begins to yell at her from the outside yet again, AJ yells back down at Paige, but this gives Alicia Fox a chance to not only recover, but roll AJ up in a pin from behind. The ref counts the 3 count and Alicia gets the tainted upset victory.

Winner: Alicia Fox

After the match Paige takes bow on the outside as Alicia get her hand raised. Alicia then joins Paige on the outside her and they celebrate together despite have just have a physical altercation moments before. AJ recovers inside the ring and looks out at the celebrating Divas in a bit of shock as she is handed her Divas Title by the ref. Paige and Alicia continue the celebration on their way up the ramp and Paige point back into the ring to a displeased AJ and laughs. AJ nods her head back as if to say “You got me tonight” and give a wry smile knowing that she still has a match coming up with Paige at Hell in a Cell this Sunday, so this is far from over. Paige and Alicia continue to gloat as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:
Tonight the numbers advantage of Paige and Alicia finally cost AJ a match, thankfully it was not the big Divas Title defense she has come Sunday at Hell in a Cell versus Paige. In fact by WWE Logic AJ taking the screw job tonight in good for her chances of retaining her “Baby” at the PPV. Champions rarely go into a PPV match on a after a getting screwed over only to get screwed out of their Title at the big match too, so AJ should hopefully over come the odds yet again come Sunday in my opinion.

That said it may not be a returning Tamina that helps AJ do so. While I had toyed with the idea that maybe Tamina would return and even the odds Sunday, AJ words made it clear on the Pre-show that she in now a “One Divas Army”, so look for her to stand alone win or lose come Sunday at Hell in a Cell. Once again though I am predicting a win for our Total Package Divas Champion. Until next time AJ Fans, thanks for reading, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

(Check out our High Quality HD WWE Digital AJ Pics at the Gallery Link Below! Full Video Coming Soon!)

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October 20th

AJ Lee and Paige’s fierce tug-of-war over the Divas Championship continues, as the upstart Divas will clash again at Hell in a Cell.

After Paige lost the championship to her “frenemy” in a Triple Threat Match also involving Nikki Bella at Night of Champions, she looks to win the title for a third time, the number of reigns that AJ currently possesses.

The rivalry began on Raw the night after Wrestlemania 30, when Paige scored a shocking, and quick, upset victory over AJ, ending The Black Widow’s record-setting 295-day reign as Divas Champion. Tension rose on the June 30 edition of Raw, when AJ made short work of Paige to regain the championship. The Diva of Tomorrow defeated AJ for the title again at SummerSlam, only for AJ to regain the title at Night of Champions.

In recent weeks, AJ has combated the new alliance of Paige and Alicia Fox in tag team competition, but the controversial Diva has yet to form a lasting partnership. First, she walked out on Emma on the Oct. 6 edition of Raw, and then Layla abandoned AJ during a tag match on the Oct. 13 Raw. After winning the match nonetheless, AJ put Layla in her place for her betrayal.

With the support of perhaps a new BFF, can Paige topple the Divas Champion once again? Or will AJ make a successful title defense and prove she can do just fine on her own? This Divas Championship war comes to a head at Hell in a Cell, live on pay-per-view and the WWE Network this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT!

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October 20th

-AJ Lee defeats Paige to retain her Divas Championship.

(Thanks to site reader Justin Clarkson (@Justin481) for saving and donating these 11 High Quality HD WWE Digital pics from the Monterrey Live Event. WWE had posted them to their site, but inexplicably took them down for some reason, but you can see them all here at the Gallery Link Below!)

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October 19th

AJ retains the Divas Championship defeating Paige by ‘Black Widow’ submission.

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October 18th

-As we come back from break we see Paige on guest commentary with her so called “bestie” Alicia Fox alongside. Then a replay is shown showing how AJ defeated Paige and Alicia Fox in their Tag match this past Monday on RAW,  despite Layla trying to walk on of AJ. The replay also shows the beatdown AJ gives Layla after her attempted betrayal. After the replay and angry Layla is then shown already in the ring before our Divas Champion AJ’s music hits and she skips out on stage and poses for the crowd with Divas Title held high for all to see before continuing her skip down to the ring.

As AJ reaches the ring she waves at Layla inside then kisses her her beloved “baby” the Divas Title as a pre-recorded promo AJ did earlier begins to play. AJ speaking in the recorded promo says “I don’t play well with others, and I don’t have many friends in the Divas locker room, but that doesn’t matter because I have the best friend in the world!” AJ looks at her Divas Title belt while she continues to speak saying “She’ll never betray me. I would do anything for her, and no one is gonna keep us apart (AJ kisses her Divas Title lovingly), and no one can have her but me.” The promo ends and AJ stares across the ring with a smile at Layla as the match begins.

Non-Title Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Vs Layla (w/ Paige & Alicia Fox on Commentary)

The bell rings as AJ and Layla circle, AJ skips as they do and then they lock-up before AJ gets a hammerlock on Layla, Layla elbows out and goes off the ropes, but AJ catches her with a nice running back elbow. AJ with a splash in the corner on Layla now and the signature spinning heel kick, AJ with the cover, but a kickout at 2 by Layla. AJ with a spinning back kick to Layla’s gut and then follows up with not one, but two neck breakers, before another cover and 2 count for AJ.

AJ whips Layla into the ropes now, but Layla counters with some swift kicks flooring AJ. Layla slams AJ face first into the the turnbuckle and then sends her face first hard into the mat. Layla with a figure four headlock on AJ, but AJ is able to bridge up into a pin on Layla forcing her to break the hold as she kicks out. Layla with a headlock now, but AJ fights out of it with kicks and elbows as the crowd chants her name. AJ whips Layla into a corner now and charges in, but Layla counters AJ with a boot to the face. Layla goes for a springing crossbody off the ropes, but AJ is shows her quickness and dodges it sending Layla crashing hard down on the mat. AJ then quickly gets Layla back to one knee and locks her up in her ‘Black Widow’ submission finisher which Layla has no answer for and thus taps out giving AJ the victory.

WINNER: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee

After the match the ref gives AJ her Divas Title and raises her arm in victory. Alicia Fix comes in and tries to ruin the celebration, but AJ greets her with Thesz press and pummels her with punches until she escapes. AJ turns around only to find Paige in the ring and before she can react Paige nails AJ with a Yakuza kick flooring her. Paige then picks AJ up and hit her RAMPaige lift DDT on her. Paige does bit of Bootleg skipping and then grabs AJ’s Divas Title and her and Alicia bootleg skip around the fallen AJ with AJ’s Divas Title held high. After a replay Paige kisses the Divas Title and the skips around AJ some more, before holding the Divas Title that she wishes was hers up high over the down and out Divas Champion as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Tonight was something I was expecting for a while and that was the proverbial other shoe dropping and AJ not ending a segment standing tall tonight. She had been getting the better of Alicia and Paige a lot lately, but in order to make Paige look good going into the PPV I expected them to change that soon, and tonight was the night. Still AJ won the match before the attack, so that was good at least.

We will have to see what happens come RAW and Smackdown next week before I really get into any sort of prediction for the PPV. It’s gonna be interesting for sure though. The way I see it if AJ wins at the PPV that might be it for AJ/Paige feud at least for now, so who would be next to step up and challenge for the Divas Title? Could it be another upcoming NXT Diva or somebody already on the main roster? We will have to see how things shake out though, just over a week away from Hell in a Cell. Until next time AJ Fans, laters. -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

(Check out our High Quality HD WWE Digital Pics at the Gallery Link Below! Full Video Coming Soon!)

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October 17th

Friday’s Video of the Week for October 17th Is…

Title:✖ AJ Lee MV – Go Go Go ✖

Song:“Go Go Go” by Sumo Cyco

Created By:TruSs Mary Cedric

October 15th

AJ was involved in Last Nights Smackdown Tapings which will be seen on Television on Friday 17th October 2014, if you want to know beforehand what happened click link below.

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