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AJ Lee
Ring Names: Miss April, AJ Lee, AJ
Born: 19th March 1987
Debut: 29th September 2007
Mini Bio: Although her girl-next-door fashion sense and relatively small frame might be misleading, make no mistake: AJ is an extremely fierce competitor. Since she first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on WWE NXT, this fearless spark plug has shown that theres no limit to how high she can go. With her high-flying (and high-risk) lucha libre in-ring style and indomitable fighting spirit, the energetic AJ is sure to pose a threat to any Diva she steps in the ring with. Continue Reading

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September 2nd

(I wrote the entire segment, including the parts before AJ appears because I feel it is important for context.)

-Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring and grabs a mic, she talks about how she wants to commend Nikki Bella for telling her story in the face of adversity (throughout tonights RAW several video packages played with Nikki basically telling the world all the way’s that her sister Brie has wronged her throughout her life). Stephanie invites Nikki Bella out to the ring, Nikki comes out. Nikki  thanks Stephanie for supporting her, Steph tells Nikki she is proud of her. Stephanie talks about how Brie is self centered and cruel, and Stephanie calls Nikki empowered and tells her she is exactly the face of the Divas division that she is looking for (Smh), Stephanie then out of nowhere grants Nikki a match for the Divas Championship (*Facepalm*). Nikki and Stephanie hug, but then Brie comes out. Stephanie tries to cut Brue off saying nobody wants to hear what she wants to say, Brie says that this is between her and Nikki. Brie asks if Nikki’s betrayal of her was all for a Divas title match, she calls everything Nikki said about her a lie, Nikki calls Brie self-centered again and says something about how Daniel Bryan is going to divorce Brie (with no real reasoning behind that comment). Nikki then says everybody needs to face the fact that she is going to be the next Divas Champion.

Thankfully at this moment AJ’s music hits shutting Nikki up. AJ skips down to the ring (she is wearing her wrestling gear, except without kneepads and with regular black & white Chuck shoes instead of boots), AJ skips around the ring, gets a mic, and gets into the ring. AJ waves to Stephanie and begins to speak to her saying cutely “Hi, boss lady! Now I am not sure if you and your… little husband how forgotten the actually concept of #1 contender, but you see there’s one contender, and since I never got my rematch, that person is me!”. AJ pauses, at this point she is right in Stephanie’s face and is staring at her right in her eyes. AJ continues to speak now saying “And I know that we can all agree, that I don’t play well with others. So, why don’t you do what’s best for business, and let the Bella’s work on their little issues, and leave the Divas Title to me!”. AJ has a dead serious look on her face now as she continues to stare Stephanie dead in her eyes. Stephanie sarcastically thanks aJ for the education, but it seems like she might turn AJ’s legitimate request down, before she can get the words out though Paige’s music hits.

Paige continues her mocking bootleg skipping routine as she comes down the ramp. Stephanie has Paige a mic as she get’s into the ring, and Paige thanks her for it and says that while there has been all this talk about the Divas Championship what is missing is the Divas Champion. AJ takes offense to Paige’s words and her and Paige begin to argue. Nikki calls Paige and AJ “immature girls” (if you want to see one of those find a mirror Nikki), then Nikki tells Brie she can make all of this go away (I love how AJ looks away here, clearly not giving a care about any of this Bella sister feuding). Nikki says she wants Brie to sacrifice for her like supposedly she has for Brie and asks her to quit. Brie gives Nikki that squinty face like she might cry.

Nikki gets mad about it saying that Brie quit for her husband, but she won’t for her. Nikki says is Brie loves her she will walk away right now, and Brie turns and looks like she might walk away, but then Brie turns around and pushes Nikki down hard and since Paige is standing behind Nikki she gets pushed down in the process. Brie leaves the ring with a pissed off look on her face and AJ and Stephanie are left standing in it. AJ looks down and see the Divas Title just laying there so she picks it up and looks at it smiling and skips around the ring a bit, even skipping over Nikki’s fallen body a couple times while her music plays (lol). However Stephanie then steps into AJ’s skipping path stopping her, AJ and Stephanie have yet another intense stare down. Stephanie then gets back on the mic and tells AJ sternly to give her the Divas Championship, AJ stares at Stephanie as intensely as I have even seen her stare at anyone with a scowl on her face that shows pure displeasure.

Stephanie asks for the Championship “NOW!”. AJ’s scowl turns to a wide smile for moment and she hands Stephanie the Divas Title, but Stephanie snatches it from AJ and gets even more right in her face, AJ’s face turns serious again as she does this. AJ then begins to leave the ring still staring at Stephanie and even laughs at Stephanie a moment before she leaves the ring and skips up the entrance ramp to the back. Paige’s music hits as she and Nikki recover from Brie pushing them down. Paige asks for the Divas Title back from Stephanie and Steph give it to her. Paige bootleg skips out of the ring, and then Nikki leave holding her head alongside Stephanie as Paige stares at them both holding the Divas Title from the stage as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Remember those last two weeks of build up between AJ and Paige where AJ whas been playing ever increasing mind games with Paige in a good feud that seemed right in the middle of building to another great 1 on 1 Divas Title match at Night of Champions? Well you can throw all that out the window cause with what happened tonight it basically meant little or nothing. This segment above has me more annoyed at WWE “creative” then I have been in a long time, and that is saying something. This was like taking two completely separate and different Divas storylines in the AJ/Paige feud and Bella’s feud and tossing them in a blender just to see what happens, in the end shredding both to pieces. The only thing these feud had in common were that they both involved Divas, but why should that matter? Would WWE throw together the Rusev/Mark Henry patriotism feud with the Ziggler/Miz IC Title feud? No, because those feud have nothing to do with one another.

So why are they doing it here with the Divas do you ask? I honestly think it because WWE just could not bear the thought of having two Divas matches on two consecutive PPV’s, so they threw the two Divas feud together even though they don’t have anything to do with each other just so they could make one Divas match on the card and make it for the Title since this is after all “Night Of Champions”.  Storylines be damned, continuity be damned, the only thing they seem to care about is consolidating these two storyline to one so that they can make one Divas match for NOC instead of two. Yeah I know, some of you think that MAYBE this leads to a AJ Vs Stephanie match and a Nikki vs Paige Title match now. However, one then WHY have the WWE wasted the last two weeks continuing both the AJ/Paige and Bella’s feuds if they are not even leading to matches?! Both those feud deserve to have 1 on 1 matches at the end to settle the score, not a bait a switch job where we get people fighting each other that won’t even be feuding for more then two weeks come NoC.

Honestly though I see either a Fatal Four way Divas Title match now with the Bella’s, AJ and Paige all facing each other now. A match that does nothing, but take two Divas storylines and settle them ion one match for the sake of nothing, but WWE wanting to have one Divas Match on the PPV card instead of two. Whatever happens in that match won’t do either feud proper justice and won’t give either resolution. I am just flat out annoyed by it all, I was really enjoying the AJ/Paige feud, I looked forward to seeing what happened next and seeing them try to even top the great match they had at SummerSlam, now that feud is effectively over as it will be very muddled with the Bella’s involved at least very least. Heck even the Bella’s feud had a rare sister vs sister match seemingly coming at the end of it, now that seems muddled and unlikely to happen too.

Maybe we do get that AJ/Stephanie match (which for AJ I know would be cool because that is something she has talked about being a dream match), but why not just wait till after NOC to set that up? Why do it now? Why ruin two feuds by trying to make them one and in the end getting something muddled confusing? There is no telling where any of this goes now, but I don’t see how it is a better place then we just came  at any rate. Still AJ Fans we know AJ will do something entertaining for sure no matter what situation they put her in, so we watch on. Till next time all, laters. -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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August 31st

Candy crushed
AJ Lee is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get. After confusing Divas Champion Paige with an awkward hug and an unusual kiss on the hand last Monday night, AJ presented her “friend” with a heart-shaped box full of sweet treats on SmackDown that ultimately left a bad taste in the titleholder’s mouth. The Divas Champion spit out one of AJ’s gifted goodies, which was met by AJ’s creepiest gaze since, well, Monday night. Just what the heck is going on between these “frenemies”?

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August 30th

AJ Lee
Divas Champion Paige found out this week that you don’t play mind games with The Black Widow.

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August 30th

-After Paige defeats Emma in a non-Title match she is in the ring celebrating with more mock skipping, until AJ’s music hits and she comes out skipping down the entrance ramp carrying a box of chocolates (AJ is wearing a new outfit again, this time featuring a cutoff black and pink tank top featuring the logo for her former Chickbuster Kaitlyn’s AKA Celeste’s new clothing line venture “Celestial Bodiez”! How cool is that?!)? AJ skips to the ring grabbing a mic somewhere along the way and get’s inside with a big smile on her face as AJ’s music subsides she smiles wide cutely at Paige while staring her right in the eyes, Paige looks uncomfortable and confused as she usually is when it comes to AJ these days. AJ stares and smiles at Paige a for an uncomfortably long time before finally, popping the mic up out of nowhere and beginning to speak. AJ says “So it’s not even Valentines Day, but everyday is a special occasion that you should show your friends how much you admire them, and love them. So… here!” AJ opens the red heart shaped box of chocolates reveling the chocolates inside now as she holds it.

AJ looks at Paige and back at the box of chocolates and back to Paige. AJ clearly is waiting for Paige to take one, but Paige just stares at her with a confused look on her face, clearly no interested in doing so. AJ raises the mic back up to her mouth and speaks again asking “What’s wrong Paige? You said that you’re my best friend. You said that you loved me. So, this is for you!”. AJ smiles once again at Paige, but her smile soon turns to a frown as Paige still shows no interest in taking and eating any of the chocolates AJ brought for her. AJ looks as if she may even cry for a second before snapping at Paige shouting “EAT ONE!” beginning to become angry. Paige gives AJ an annoyed look, but does (much to AJ’s excitement) finally pick out a chocolate and eat it. As Paige chews it AJ smiles wide, but after Paige chews it for a bit, instead of swallowing, she spits the chewed up chocolate right back into the box of chocolates AJ holds. Obviously AJ’s smile is erased instantly back into a frown and she once again looks as if she might cry as Paige exits the ring and mockingly skips back up the entrance ramp.

However as Paige reaches the top of the ramp staring back at AJ the whole way up, back in the ring though AJ seems to have new a idea. Out of nowhere AJ takes one of the chocolates out of the box and puts it in her mouth while she twirls her hair and raises a wry smile as she stares back at Paige chewing it. Paige is seemingly disgusted and is certainly confused yet again now as AJ’s stares at her with a wistful smile we have not seen in a while and Paige exits trying to mockingly skip and maintain her composure, but not quite doing either as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Well things just keep getting more and more out there as our Queen of Mind Games AJ keeps coming up with next level mind games to bring down upon Paige. Tonight’s was a pretty fun one (as was the fact that AJ wore a Celestrial Bodiez Shirt doing it), AJ brings a simple heart shaped box of chocolates down for her “friend” Paige. Paige seems less then pleased (which only shows that AJ’s mind game is working), but she work take a chocolate until AJ get’s a little more firm with her.

Finally Paige takes one, but she tries to ruin AJ’s fun by spitting the chocolate out ring back in AJ’s lovely heart shaped box. What a bad “friend” Paige is being, I mean that’s just not right.  However a little saliva ain’t gonna deter AJ, nope not a bit! AJ takes a seemingly spit covered chocolate and eats it as she smiles back at Paige, pretty sure Paige did not see that one coming because I certainly did not, lol! What’s a little Saliva between “loving friends” really though right? Lol!

Anyway, tonight the mind games got a bit dirty, but sometimes dirty things, or in this case mind games are the most fun of all. It only makes you wonder what other tricks and mind games our Queen has up the sleeves of her sleeveless tank tops (I mean you would think none would fit there, but AJ finds someplace to store them all). There is only one way to find out and that is to keep on watching, I know I certainly will be. See you then AJ Fans, Laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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August 29th

Friday’s Video of the Week for August 29th Is…

Title:A.J Lee-Home MV

Song:“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake

Created By:belleofbays

August 28th

WWE Shop has begun to sell AJ’s brand new POP! Vinyl Figure by FunKo. It is a stylized 3 3/4in figure with a head that can turn and it can be purchased at the WWE Shop link HERE for $14.99 USD.

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August 28th

AJ was part of the latest edition of 5 Things, from WWE’s YouTube channel. In it the WWE Universe sent in 5 Championship predictions to happen in the next year. People predicted that AJ would win back the Divas Championship and break her own record for the longest Divas Title reign. Check it out by clicking play below, AJ’s part is at the 1:15 mark.

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