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AJ Lee
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July 22nd

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July 22nd


-AJ is shown skipping to the ring in the backstage hallway, she stops and looks at Paige and the two Divas smile at each other and Paige walks alongside now as we are informed they will once again be forming an unlikely team tonight, and then go to a break.

~Commercial Break~

Back from break and Paige’s Music hits and she comes out towards the ring where Natalya and Emma already occupy, they will be AJ and Paige’s opponents tonight. AJ’s music hits and she skips out on stage and holds her Divas Title high for all to see before skipping down to the ring (AJ is wearing her same outfit from Battleground). AJ kisses her Divas Title and get’s into the ring where she holds it high again and then gives it to the time keeper. Before the ref rings the bell to start the match.

Divas Tag Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee & Paige Vs Emma & Natalya

AJ and Emma start the match and they lock-up, AJ goes behind Emma with a hammer lock until Emma knocks AJ back with a back elbow. Emma taunts a bit and AJ goes for a clothesline, Emma ducks under and goes off the ropes and slide and takes AJ’s legs out downing her. Emma rolls into a pin, but AJ kicks out. AJ to her feet and does a nice split legged roll-up pin on Emma, but Emma kicks out. AJ is back up quick again and nails Emma with a running back elbow downing her hard. AJ grabs Emma’s hair and skips a bit holding it (I love this new hair grab and skip thing from AJ), AJ tosses hard into her corner and tags Paige in.

Paige Nails Emma with a head butt downing her. Paige tries a splash and misses hitting the turnbuckles, and Emma locks in her Dil-Emma hold on the ropes (always have liked that move from her). The ref makes Emma break the hold and Emma rolls into a tag of Natalya. Natalya comes in fast and nails Paige as she tries to get up with a front low dropkick, downing her again. Natalya then flips into a bridge over pin, but Paige bridges out of it and pushes Natalya into Emma on the ring apron knocking her off hard down to the ringside floor. Natalya, ducks under a clothesline attempt though and nails a release german suplex. Natalya quickly takes advantage and locks Paige in the Sharpshooter finishing submission. Paige screams in pain and looks like she might tap, but she eventually fights her way over to AJ for the tag.

Natalya does not seem to notice that Paige got the tag in though as she still has Sharpshooter locked in as AJ get’s in the ring and comes off the ropes like the pocket rocket she is nailing Natalya with her Shinning Wizard hard breaking the Sharpshooter in the process. AJ then scurries abput the ring with a wild look in her eyes for a moment, before popping to her feet and quickly locking in her ‘Black Widow’ submission finisher, Natalya has not answer for AJ’s ‘Black Widow’ and she taps out to it.

WINNERS By Submission: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee & Paige

After the match the ref raises both AJ and Paige’s arms in victory. AJ leaves the ring and get’s her Divas Title, she kisses it and skips around the ring with it held high as Paige claps her so called “respect” claps for AJ inside the ring. AJ skips around about half the ring and then Paige motion to come back in the ring and celebrate some more with her. AJ does get back into the ring and Paige hugs AJ and picks her up and twirls her around a bit even. AJ smiles and Paige raises AJ’s arm in victory now. AJ thanks Paige and goes to leave the ring…  and then other shoe drops as Paige grabs AJ hair from behind and throws her down hard to the mat.

All the fake respect Paige has been putting on in her little act is gone and Paige get’s on top of AJ and headbutts her a few times then Paige screams at AJ and tosses her outside the ring to the floor below. Paige tosses AJ hard into the barricade and screams as the fans boo her, Paige even taunts an AJ fan saying “you’re gonna love this” and tosses AJ head first into the steal ring post hard. Paige taunts AJ screaming at her about this being “her house”, AJ lays helpless on the floor, that is until Paige get her up and tosses AJ hard over the announcers table. AJ is out cold now and Paige screams some more taunts at her before Paige mockingly skips around the ring and up the ramp. The Doctor checks on AJ still down behind the announcers table. After a replay of the attack is show, Paige stands on the ramp taunting the crowd saying it’s her house and she is the champion as the WWE doctor continues to check on AJ as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

It was was gonna happen sometime and tonight was the night where Paige could not longer try and play her mind game with AJ, she attacked her from behind and showing her true cowardly & jealous colors. AJ having already proven that she could beat Paige in a fair one on one fight was the last straw for Paige and she did her best to injure AJ by attacking her from behind tonight (Oh and don’t worry about AJ, I am pretty sure she was just selling amazingly like she always does at the end of that). It was interesting too, because in the tag match AJ completely saved Paige, first Shinning Wizard Natalya off of her and then making Natalya tap out to the ‘Black Widow’, if that was done for effect of the full Heel turn tonight, that was a well written match finish.

So now we have it, the straight up Heel Vs Face feud of Heel Paige Vs Face AJ. It should be a hate filled war of a feud, and quite honestly that is what we all want don’t we? We want the passion and fire in both of these Divas to shine through and mix with rage and hate they feel for each other in this feud. There are so many segments, promos and matches WWE can write into this feud that could truly make it the best feud either one of these ladies have ever had.

I guess that is both my hope and my fear. I hope that WWE is not lazy with this, they have shown a real attitude change towards the Divas lately. They have written them into great new feuds and angles that have truly been some of the best we have seen with Divas in years. This could be the crown jewel of all of that if it is done right, this could be the hot like fire feud the Divas division has needed for so long. A feud that not only burns now, but can flare up and burn time and time again for years to come. It’s been a long time since we have seen a Divas feud like that, too long, it’s time we get it again, let’s hope the time is now and this is it! Let’s see where we go from here all, see you next time, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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July 22nd


Check out this really cool quote picture of AJ that was posted to the WWE App during the July 21st 2014 edition of RAW where AJ talks about what it was like facing Paige at WWE Battleground. Enjoy it by clicking the Gallery link below!

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July 21st

WWE.com have posted their Battleground Exclusive interviews and Tom Phillips caught up with AJ Lee after her Win over Paige. Paige turns up and congratulates AJ and tells her that it isnt the end of them yet. So looks like we’ll be seeing more Black Widows and more Paige turners over the weeks.

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July 21st


-Paige’s music hits and she walks down to the ring and enters, a replay is shown of Paige winning the Divas Title from AJ 3 months ago. AJ’s music hits and she skips out on stage looking gorgeous, Paige claps respectfully (yeah right) for her in the ring as AJ flashes her million dollar smile and skips to the ring (AJ is wearing a custom cut of the green tanktop version of her shirt and the Divas Title around her waist along with her usual ring gear these days). AJ kisses her Divas Title and gets in the ring as a replay is shown of how she won the Divas Title back from Paige last month. After the replay AJ is staring down Paige with a smile on her face, Paige seems to be holding back her true emotions here still. The Ref holds the Divas Title up to signify this is a Title match before the bell rings to start the match.

Divas Title Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Vs Paige

The match begins and it begins with Paige extending her hand to AJ, and AJ still with that smile on her face shaking it (AJ does not mind Paige’s attempt at a mind game, it does not faze her in the slightest). The two Divas lock-up and Paige pushes AJ into the rope and the ref makes a break. They lock-up again and this time AJ pushes Paige into the ropes and we get another break. AJ skips away from Paige and as they come back together Paige hits a knee to AJ’s midsection, she whips AJ into the ropes, but AJ rolls through into a nice roll-up pin, but Paige reverses into her own pin and AJ kicks out. AJ nails Paige with a spinning back kick to her gut and goes off the ropes to try and follow-up, but Paige counters with a super kick to AJ downing her. Paige goes for a pin, but AJ kicks out, Paige nails a Headbutt on AJ then whips AJ into the corner hard before stomping AJ and yelling in the refs face (Paige seems to be getting excited about having the upper hand at this point). Paige bodyslams AJ and goes for another cover that AJ kicks out of, Paige then drapes AJ over the middle rope and goes on the apron hitting her familiar series of knees to AJ’s chest.

Paige with another cover and another kick out by AJ. Paige with a sleeper hold on the sitting AJ now, AJ tries to fight out of it, but Paige throws her back down hard to prevent it. Paige then puts a knee in AJ’s back and pulls her arms behind her stretching her with another submission. AJ eventually is able to fight out and flip Paige off of her, but Paige quickly comes back and nails a clothesline flooring AJ yet again. Another cover by Paige and another kickout, Paige mocking tells AJ to “come on”, like she is cheering for her to give a better effort (more mind games that are nothing to AJ). Paige picks AJ up for what looks to by another bodyslam, but AJ wraps her arm around Paige’s head and swings into a devastating DDT on Paige flooring her (how is that for some “come on” Paige? lol). The ref starts a double count as both ladies are down now, AJ fights to her feet and aige appears to try and spear AJ through the ropes , but AJ grabs the ropes and wraps her legs around Paige’s waist and takes her with her as they both spill out to the ringside floor. Paige get’s up first though and tosses AJ hard into the barricade.

Paige tosses AJ back into the ring and goes to the top, but AJ cuts her off getting on the ropes too, but Paige hits a headbutt and then flips into and hits powerbomb pin from the middle rope on AJ. AJ kicks out at 2, and Paige begins to look frustrated at not being able to put the match away, though she once again seems to try and mask this by telling AJ to “come on”. Paige grabs AJ’s legs, but AJ kicks her away and scrambles up into a corner, Paige charges AJ, but AJ get’s the boots up and kicks Paige away again. AJ tries a quick splash from the middle rope, but Paige catches her, she smiles thinking she has AJ where she want’s her, but AJ swings around her and into ‘Black Widow submission finisher. AJ has it locked on now, but Paige fights it and grabs AJ hair and tosses her off breaking the hold. AJ get’s up and goes back at Paige,. but Paige hits her impact finisher the Paige Turner and goes for the pin 1… 2… AND kickout by AJ (what a kickout)! Paige grabs her head in frustration now, no more masking it behind false cheers and smiles, she can’t believe she did not win there. Paige then grabs AJ’s legs and goes for her submission finisher the PTO, but AJ flips out of it into a pin that Paige, reverses back for second before AJ kicks her off and away. AJ beats Paige to her feet and runs and nails Paige with her Shinning Wizard impact finisher and pins her for the 1… 2… 3!!!

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: AJ Lee

After the match both women last exhausted for a moment. AJ get’s up as the ref gives her Title to her and raises her arm in victory, AJ’s Title held high in the other arm. Paige is still down on the mat and she looks distraught, almost to the point of tears. A replay is shown of the match finish and AJ watches it and smiles wide at the sight of her victory. Paige on the other hand looks back (from almost all the way up the ramp now) at AJ maybe truly in tears now looking broken by the outcome of the match, but she does still manage to try and continue her “respect” towards AJ clapping AJ raise her Divas Title high into the air once more for all to see, smiling and skipping around the ring. AJ exits the ring and skips up the ramp wide smile on her face and Divas Title held high as the segment ends.

-Later in the night in a WWE.Com exclusive interview Tom Phillips interviews AJ on her big Divas Title defense. He asks AJ how satisfying this win over Paige was for her, AJ responses saying “Uhh, you know… me and Paige it was like two gun slingers in the West, and we both drew and you didn’t know who was gonna come out on top. She bested me, I bested her, tonight you might call it the rubber match, but she… got out of my Black Widow, I got out of the Paige Turner. I’d say I got lucky tonight, and we’re sort of even. I can’t wait to see who really is the better woman…”

At this moment Paige interrupts AJ’s interview saying. Paige continues her not so heartfelt praise of AJ congratulating her on keeping the Divas Title, but is quick to point out that this feud is not over yet in a condescending way. AJ pauses smiling, but clearly not buying Paige’s fake words and finishes her sentence from before she was interrupted by Paige saying “…Guess we are gonna have to find out (who the better woman is).” before walking off and ending the interview segment.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Well we have been waiting for this, out first REAL match between AJ & Paige, and it did not disappoint! AJ and Paige wrestled a great back and forth match that say them both escape or kick out of each others finishers, while nailing some huge moves on each other throughout. It was a match that only made you want to see more and more of it the longer it went on, luckily for us more seem to be exactly what we are all gonna get, as this feud is far from over. I mean if this match being the first real one in the feud was not enough to give that away, AJ’s .Com interview sure was.

AJ spoke in that interview like she still had something to prove, like she wanted to beat Paige yet again and show her that her loss to her after Mania was nothing but a fluke. However, that said it was very Face of AJ to be like that even in victory, the Heel AJ from before Mania would of likely said that she had already beaten Paige so she should go to the back of line and earn a Title shot. Face AJ is definitely a fighting Champion, and that is refreshing to see because the one thing I never liked about AJ when she was flanked by Tamina was that it made her look weak, not anymore, this AJ is strong and confident, but not overly so.

AJ also sees right through Paige and her smug fake compliments and cheers. Paige persists in them, but this is nothing but a bad thing for her, as the longer she tries the play mind games, the longer she is playing AJ’s game and not her own. I am surprised Paige did not snap here and it seems she will continue to keep up her little farce, but I fully expect she will snap and fully turn Heel on AJ, it’s only a matter of when. Obviously this Feud has just gotten started and I can’t wait to see where it goes next, see you next time, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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July 21st

Check out these 3 cool AJ pics from the WWE App that were posted during WWE Battleground 2014. Sure the first one might not have AJ in it, but it’s a great close-up of her WWE Divas Title, and the last one is pretty funny! Enjoy them at the Gallery link below!

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July 19th

AJ was once again featured in this weeks Power 25 Rankings, she got into the top 10 after wins on Raw and Smackdown – Here’s to the great wins continuing as we go into PPV weekend and hopefully even higher on next weekends rankings..

AJ Lee
If the old saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer has any truth to it, then Divas Champion AJ Lee will be a lot wiser as a result of her alliance with friend and rival Paige.

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