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AJ Lee
Ring Names: Miss April, AJ Lee, AJ
Born: 19th March 1987
Debut: 29th September 2007
Mini Bio: Although her girl-next-door fashion sense and relatively small frame might be misleading, make no mistake: AJ is an extremely fierce competitor. Since she first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on WWE NXT, this fearless spark plug has shown that theres no limit to how high she can go. With her high-flying (and high-risk) lucha libre in-ring style and indomitable fighting spirit, the energetic AJ is sure to pose a threat to any Diva she steps in the ring with. Continue Reading

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August 27th

AJ was involved in Last Nights Smackdown Tapings which will be seen on Television on Friday 29th August 2014, if you want to know beforehand what happened click below.

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August 26th

-After Paige defeats Natalya in a Non-Title Divas match (*cough* finally *cough*), Paige celebrates and leaves the ring with the Divas Title happy. However as she does AJ’s music hits and she comes skipping out on the stage stopping Paige in her tracks (AJ looks outstanding in a chilled dressed down look of a custom cut tight grey tanktop, grey & white plaid long shorts, and black & white Chuck hightops). AJ stands on stage and gives a big smile and look back down the ramp at Paige, then AJ starts skipping toward Paige and Paige seems a bit scared and gets back into the ring. AJ skips around the ring instead of into it though, but Natalya (whom has now recovered from her lost) is in the ring to meet Paige as she turns around with a big spinning clothesline flooring Paige! Paige is slow to recover in the ring as AJ finishes her skip around the ring and now comes inside mic in hand. AJ comes over to Paige and comforts her and even helps her up to her feet, Paige with an confused and untrusting look on her face as AJ does.

AJ gives Paige a big smile and then begins to speak saying “Paige, my little English muffin (LOL). I know you said that we’re frienimies, and that you love me, and I know that you were truly being sincere, but not as sincere as I am”. At this point AJ puts down the mic and begins to slowly walk towards Paige smiling, Paige looks at AJ confused and AJ slowly wraps her arms around Paige and hugs her smiling wide, as Paige has a very uncomfortable look on her face. AJ hugs Paige for a good long time (over 10 secs for sure), until Paige seems push AJ away a bit with her arm.

AJ then seems to extent her hand for a handshake with an even bigger smile on her face, Paige does not seem interested in the least in it, so AJ reaches down and slowly takes Paige’s hand, but instead of shaking it AJ brings Paige’s hand to her mouth and kisses the back of it (like a Knight would kiss his lady’s hand). A really confused Paige pulls her hand away quickly and AJ looks her dead her eyes and smiles a big cute smile. AJ’s music hit as AJ then begins to skip around Paige in the ring (as she has many a person she has liked in the past, lol). After AJ is done skipping around Paige she leaves the ring with a cute wave to Paige and then skips up the ramp and out of the arena as a replay of AJ’s kiss to Paige’s hand is shown followed by a final shot of a bewildered Paige in the ring as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Wow, these are some next level mind games by AJ now, lol! AJ has continued to ramp up it up a bit more each show and tonight AJ reached way back into her bag of tricks and went to a place I don’t think Paige had any idea she was going. AJ pulled out her old romantic love interest mind games she used so well on the likes of Kane, Cena and especially (*wink* *wink*) CM Punk.

I mean AJ did not just give Paige an uncomfortably long hug, she kissed her hand like she was Paige’s Knight in shinning armor, lol! Paige surely did not see this coming, I mean I did not even see that coming, who could have?! Obviously AJ is just showing Paige that should have never started playing mind games with the Queen of Mind Games AJ Lee. The best part is that it still feels like AJ is just picking up steam and who knows what she will do next! We will just have to keep watching cause there is certainly no guessing it! Until next time AJ Fans, Laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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August 23rd

(Just a quick note, in segments like this from here on out since AJ is not in the match or present ringside for its start, I am just gonna start our results from when AJ appears since we are an AJ site after all and there is no reason to type a whole match that does not involve AJ out.)

-During a rematch from their match on RAW (in which AJ’s distraction helped Natalya beat Paige) Paige has her legs wrapped around Natalya’s waist in a kind of leg bearhug. At this moment though AJ’s music hits though and she comes skipping down to the ring (AJ is wearing hightop black & white Chuck’s along with blue jean short shorts and a ‘Til Your Last Breath’ custom cut shirt). Paige who still has Natalya in the leg wrap submission hold begins to stare AJ down as AJ skips around the ring now, Natalya powers out of the hold while Paige is distracted and tries for a power slam, but she fails to get Paige over and Paige lands on top of her into a pin, but Natalya kicks out.

At the same time all that is going on AJ is at time keeper area and she takes Paige’s Divas Title and begins to hold it and pet it (like she always does as champion herself). Paige notices this and she begins to freak out screaming at AJ as AJ continues her skip around the ring now, Natalya tries to take advantage of this just like she did on RAW by rolling Paige up with a schoolboy pin, but this time Paige kicks out and she nails  Natalya hard in the face with a knee downing her. By this point AJ has begun to skip up the entrance ramp with the Divas Title on her shoulder, Paige is of course not happy about this and leaves the ring and follows AJ up the entrance ramp. AJ however in a surprising move stops at the top of the entrance ramp and sets the Divas Title down there seemingly telling Paige she can take it, Paige in confused, but after a moment she does indeed pick it up.

AJ smiles an extremely cute smile and waves an equally cute wave at Paige who now clutching her Divas Title is thoroughly baffeled by AJ’s actions (AJ is showing her those next level mind games now, lol). The ref’s is count in the ring in now at 6 and AJ does a cute motion seemingly saying “I think you better get back in the ring” and Paige realizes she is absolutely right and sprints back to and then into the ring. Natalya is down when Paige gets back in, but she is clearly playing possum as Natalya in an instant springs to her feet and hits a double leg take down on Paige and then steps through her legs and turns her over locking her in the sharpshooter finishing submission.

Paige screams in pain in the Sharpshooter and as she does AJ comes skipping back down the ramp and grabs Paige’s Divas Title and  places it on the ring apron just in front of Paige as Paige reaches for the ropes and seemingly now her Divas title. AJ plays with her hair and stares Paige in the eyes as she can take no more and taps out to Natalya’s Sharpshooter (which gives Natalya 2 Non-Title wins over Paige this week). AJ let loose a big wide smile as Paige taps out in agony and then AJ adds bit more insult to injury as she blows a kiss at Paige and then plants a kiss on Paige’s Divas Title for good measure petting it for a moment  before Skipping up the ramp (good skipping, not that wannabe stuff) as Paige is released from the Sharpshooter and quickly snatches the Divas Title. Natalya celebrates her victory in ring as Paige now seems to cry as she clutches her Divas Title looking up at AJ who when she reaches the top of the ramp turns around and gives one more good look, smile and even laugh at her fallen rival as the segment ends with commentator JBL appropriately calling AJ the “Queen of Mind Games”.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Well once again AJ was back in classic mind game playing form tonight, she had Paige completely confused and bewildered as AJ took her Divas Title for a little skip with her. Paige clearly thought AJ was stealing her Title away, but AJ was actually just helping Paige to lose her mind as she completely distracted Paige into another painful loss to Natalya, who has not beaten Paige twice this week, thanks in most part to AJ.

Speaking of which with Paige costing AJ two matches last week to Eva Marie and AJ costing Paige two matches this week to Natalya you would think that a AJ & Natalya Vs Paige & Eva Marie tag match might happen on some RAW or Smackdown soon, I mean that certainly would make sense now creatively. That is one match I think that AJ and Natalya would have in the bag for sure.

As far as our “Queen of Mind Games” AJ Lee goes, there is no telling what she does next. Sure it’s a safe bet that some skipping around the ring might be involved. However, I think these little match distractions might be the tip of the iceberg as far as what AJ has up her sleeve leading up to her almost certain rematch against Paige at Night Of Champions is concerned. I mean let’s be honest, when AJ is this classic mind game playing form there is pretty much no telling what she is gonna be up to next! We will just have to watch and see AJ Fans, until next time, laters! Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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August 22nd

Stardust, AJ Lee, Batista, The Great Khali and El Torito in “Guardians of the WWE Universe”

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August 22nd

Friday’s Video of the Week for August 22nd Is…

Title:mv • not gonna die; AJ

Song:“Not Gonna Die” by Skillet

Created By:Red Evil Production

August 20th

AJ was involved in Last Nights Smackdown Tapings which will be seen on Television on Friday 22nd August 2014, if you want to know beforehand what happened click below.

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August 19th

-Natalya is in the ring and ready for her match against Paige. Paige’s music hits and she comes mockingly skipping out (even in victory she mocks, Smh), some pictures of Paige’s victory over AJ last night at SummerSlam are shown. Paige then holds the Divas Title up while standing on the ring apron and get’s into the ring. Paige grabs a mic in the ring and continues to spout her lies saying that she loves and respects AJ. She also dedicates the match to her “little AJ”.

Non-Title Match: (C) Paige Vs Natalya

The ref rings the bell and Paige does a go behind and seems to whisper in Natalya’s ear which weird’s Natalya out some before she counters with an elbow and fireman’s carry taking control. Natalya tries some pins, but they fail and Paige regains control. The crowd boos Paige (and I spot a nice “EW Paige sign in the crowd front and center to boot, lol).

Paige does some headbutts and an unsuccessful pin and after she does AJ’s music hits and the real fun begins as she comes skipping down the entrance ramp (AJ is wearing a custom cut ‘Til your last breath’ shirt, but besides that she is dressed in street clothes, those being tight blue jeans and high top black and white Chuck’s). AJ skips around the ring playing with her hair that far away look in her eyes, Paige’s eyes on the other hand are deadlocked on AJ as she rounds the ring even as she grabs Natalya’s hair in the ring. AJ skips a lap around the ring giving Natalya just enough time to recover and easily roll the fully distracted Paige up for the 3 count!

Winner: Natalya

After the match Natalya celebrates in the ring as AJ gives a look that seems to say “Opps, did I do that?”. Paige yells at AJ after her distraction allowed Natalya to beat her, AJ looks back at Paige as Paige throws a bit of a temper tantrum in the ring till the ref’s give the Divas Title back to her.

Somewhere in all this AJ has grabbed a mic (I honestly don’t know when, it’s like she made it appear out of thin air, lol), AJ begins to speak to Paige in an increasingly more crazy sounding tone saying “I just wanted to say that despite everything, I respect you Paige. I love you Paige. I dedicate my life to you Paige! (AJ begins breathing heavy) And I need to get in that ring and shake your hand right now”! Paige is clearly weirded out (and that is the point of AJ’s mind game). AJ comes into the ring quickly, but Paige flees out the other side and back up the ramp just as quickly, as AJ now in ring does that familiar sideways cock of her head and screw loose stare and smile. Paige looks around confused and maybe even a bit scared as AJ’s music hits and aJ begins talking (without a mic) seemingly saying “I just wanted to shake your hand.” as she sticks out her hands towards the increasingly farther away Paige as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

So it begins, AJ’s quest to capture her 3rd Divas Title and completely destroy Paige’s mind in the process. Paige may thinks she know mind games, but it appears she has awoken the queen of mind games in AJ as she was in classic screw with your head form tonight! AJ is about to give a master course in mind games, and I don’t think it is a class that Paige is gonna pass.

The important thing of course is that the AJ/Paige feud appears to be very far from over and that Paige’s Title win was just a way for WWE to keep it going much more easily. I had a feeling that was the case given Paige’s little hug to AJ after their match and her continued mocking of her tonight. This feud still has a lot left in the tank and now that our queen AJ appears to be going to that mind game playing place that only she can go it’s anybody’s guess where we go from here. We will find out together AJ fans, till next time, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

(Check Out High Quality HD WWE Digital Pics at the Link Below! Full Video and Screen Captures Coming Soon!)

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