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Friday’s Vid of Week for 10/31 Movie Monsters vs. WWE Superstars and Divas Smackdown Spoilers RAW Fallout October 27th 2014
AJ Lee
Ring Names: Miss April, AJ Lee, AJ
Born: 19th March 1987
Debut: 29th September 2007
Mini Bio: Although her girl-next-door fashion sense and relatively small frame might be misleading, make no mistake: AJ is an extremely fierce competitor. Since she first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on WWE NXT, this fearless spark plug has shown that theres no limit to how high she can go. With her high-flying (and high-risk) lucha libre in-ring style and indomitable fighting spirit, the energetic AJ is sure to pose a threat to any Diva she steps in the ring with. Continue Reading

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October 31st

Friday’s Video of the Week for October 31st

Title:Aj Lee | The Black Widow | Tribute | Can’t Be Tamed

Song:“Can’t Be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus

Created by:HOUND MAKER

Happy Halloween!

October 29th

Carrie (“Carrie”) vs. AJ Lee



Think your love life bites? Meet Carrie White, the tormented teen who was crowned prom queen by the vindictive popular kids, only to be doused with pig’s blood in front of the entire school. She’d have her gory revenge, though, using her powerful telekinetic abilities to set fire to the gymnasium — with everyone locked inside.


AJ Lee:

All is fair in love and war. Just ask AJ Lee, that rare breed of manic pixie dream girl who might toss you through a table if you don’t return her text messages. Double-cross this Diva? You’d have to be craz … on second thought, better not use that word around AJ. Unless, y’know, you want to have your forehead slammed into a water fountain.

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October 29th

AJ was involved in Last Nights Smackdown Tapings which will be seen on Television on Friday 31st October 2014, if you want to know beforehand what happened click link below.

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October 28th

Check out this RAW Fallout Interview with AJ from after her victory on RAW for October 27th 2014. AJ talks about winning two nights in a row against the former “friends” Alicia Fox and Paige.

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October 28th

-AJ’s music hits and she skips out stage smiling her Divas Title around her waist (AJ is wearing a new custom cut of her “Till Your Last Breath” shirt along with her pink and black short shorts and the rest of her current gear). AJ skips down the ramp to the ring and kisses her Divas Title and tells her “baby” “I love you” before entering inside. Once inside AJ holds her Divas Title high for all to see and hops a bit as she smile and then hugs her “baby” as we go to a commercial break.

~Commercial Break~

After the break Alicia Fox is shown in the ring across from AJ now and she will face her in a non-Title match (one that was originally advertised on the WWE Pre-show as a Title match, but I digress), Paige is ringside on commentary also.

Non-Title Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Vs Alicia Fox (Paige on Commentary)

The bell rings and the Divas circle before Alicia hits AJ with a knee to the midsection and a series of elbows to AJ’s head. Alicia turns to Paige on commentary and seems to taunt her about how easily she has taken control so far. AJ gets up, but Alicia lands a dropkick sending her back down to the mat and AJ slips out of the ring to regroup. Alicia yells over to Paige some more and then follows AJ outside the ring. Alicia tosses AJ back into the ring and goes for a pin on her, but AJ kicks out as cheers of “Let’s Go AJ” ring out from the crowd (which now seems to happen nightly). AJ struggles up into a corner and Alicia follows her over and lands a stiff kick to AJ’s midsection and then tosses her face first into the turnbuckle twice hard. Alicia hits a Northern Lights suplex pin on, but AJ kicks out at 2. Alicia with a sitting sleeper on AJ now, AJ fights up and out with elbows to Alicia’s gut and then tries a clothesline, but Alicia duck and counters with a back elbow to AJ’s face flooring her, Alicia with a cover and another kick out by AJ at 2.

Alicia with another sit down sleeper now on AJ, this time she looks at Paige while she does it, maybe trying to send a message to her. The crowd really get’s behind AJ her with another AJ chant and she fights back up to her feet once again, this time Alicia looks to body slam AJ back down, but AJ does an impressive reversal into a huge swinging DDT sending Alicia down hard and flying. AJ struggles back up to a corner and Alicia charges at her, but AJ gets her knees up and Alicia runs into then before AJ double boot kicks her in the back down to the mat. AJ tries to follow-up running at Alicia, but Alicia catches her with a spinning back breaker. At this moment the ref goes to check if AJ is ok and Paige leaves the commentary position and pushes Alicia Fox (who is trying to stand back up) down face first into the mat a screams “Win!” at her. Alicia is understandably pissed off at this and she yells back at Paige, but as she does a crafty AJ takes advantage and rolls Alicia up with a schoolboy pin and the ref counts 1… 2… 3, giving AJ the match victory.

WINNER: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee

After the match AJ quickly slips out of the ring and grabs her belt not even waiting for the ref to raise her hand in victory. AJ gasping for air and still recovering hugs her Divas Title as she stumbles up the entrance ramp before leaving to the back. Paige comes into the ring and seems to try and tell Alicia she is sorry, she even takes a bracelet and offers it to Alicia as a sort of peace offering. Alicia is at first mad, but then seems like she will take the offering, but as she goes to take it Paige Yakuza kicks her ring in the face flooring her hard. Paige goes on to toss Alicia outside of the ring and into a barricade, and then she even slingshots Alicia into a barricade. Paige then rams Alicia’s head into the barricade several times, before yelling “You are the worst best friend” (oxymoron much?) and she tosses her jacket down at her. Finally Jerry Lawler comes over seems to try and protect Alicia, and Paige backs away before the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Tonight was an odd night, first on the RAW Pre-show they announced AJ would defend the Divas Title against Alicia Fox, but when the match happened it was a non-Title match with no mention of the Title being on the line. So I guess that was either last second rewrite or a mistake on the Pre-show. The match itself was pretty one sided with Alicia controlling it, but AJ got the win in the end and I loved her swinging DDT reversal, I hope we see more and more new moves from AJ, she seems to add something new almost every match lately and I am loving it.

I also love how the crowds lately seems to finally be chanting for AJ again. AJ has earned everything she has ever got, she worked hard for it, she got where she is on her own, and she is talented as hell. She deserves those chants, as a Face that is what you want to hear in the ring and finally it seems to be happening again. As for what’s next feud wise for AJ, we got basically no news on that. Tonight was more about putting the finally nail in AJ’s feud with Paige and Alicia Fox. With those former “Besties” now imploded and looking like they will feud, it seems we will have to wait to see whom will be next to challenge AJ. Well on to the next AJ Fans, until then, laters. -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

(Check out our High Quality HD WWE Digital Pics of AJ at the Gallery Link Below! Full Video Coming Soon!)

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October 27th

-AJ’s music hits and she skips out from the back Divas Title around her waist smiling wide (AJ is wearing an amazing brand new custom cut of her new “Till Your Last Breath” long sleeve shirt, along with blue jean short shorts, her AJ knee socks and wrist bands and her grey Chuck wrestling boots to match her shirt). AJ skips confidently to the ring and takes her Title off and kisses it before getting into the ring. AJ raises her Divas title high for all to see in the ring smiling proudly and then she cutely cradles it like her baby (which to AJ it is) before Paige’s music hits. Paige comes out with Alicia Fox as a replay is shown of how a distraction by Paige cost AJ a match to Alicia on this past RAW. AJ stands against the ropes holding her Divas Title close as Paige enters the ring and when they lock eyes AJ smiles a confident smile at Paige. The ref raise the Title high to signify that this is a Divas Championship match and Alicia exits the ring. Now we are ready to go.

WWE Divas Championship Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Vs Paige (w/ Alicia Fox)

The two Divas circle and lock-up, Paige with a headlock on AJ to start, AJ fights out with some punches and sends Paige into the ropes, but Paige hits her with a shoulder block. Paige comes off the ropes again, but this time AJ slides under and comes back off the ropes herself with a clothesline. AJ hits a nice roll-up pin attempt as an “AJ Lee” crowd chant starts (that is happening a lot lately), but Paige kicks out at 1. AJ Paige get’s up and hits AJ with a kick to the midsection and sends her off the ropes, but AJ jumps up and spins Paige down with a hurricanrana, Paige pops back to her feet, but AJ jumps and wraps her legs around Paige’s waist and rolls her up with an even more nifty pin, but Paige kicks out at 2. AJ grabs Paige by the hair and skips bit dragging her around before sending her into the ropes and nailing her with her signature Spinning Heel kick. Paige rolls out the ring to try and regroup on the outside. AJ won’t let her rest though as she follows her outside and tosses her back first into the side of the ring, Alicia Fox tried to attack AJ from behind, but AJ spots her and hits a Thesz press on her and pummels her instead.

AJ tries to follow Paige back into the ring now, but Paige gets back out of it on the other side. AJ follows her out again and jumps on her and punches her, but Paige has AJ caught in her arms so she rams AJ’s back into the barricade. Paige keeps a hold of AJ’s legs and swings her hard in Barricade and then she swings AJ the other way a full revolution into the barricade yet a third time to take control. Paige gets back into the ring and does some bootleg skipping as the ref counts at AJ who is still down on the outside. Paige does not want a count out win though so she goes and get’s AJ and tosses her back into the ring. Paige grabs a down AJ’s hair and hits her with some headbutts and then she bootleg skips some more around the down AJ before screaming “My house” to the crowd as Alicia Fox cheers her on. Paige tosses AJ into the corner and kicks her in the midsection before backing into AJ and hitting a series of back elbows on her. AJ falls to a sitting position now in the corner and Paige stomps her several times before draping AJ over the middle rope and nailing her with a series of knees to her body from the ring apron. Paige does her patented scream before getting in the ring and trying a cover on AJ, but AJ kicks out at two.

Paige grabs a sitting AJ’s and arms put her knee into her back with a stretch, the fans get behind AJ and cheer her as she struggles back to her feet, but Paige knees her in the midsection and then tosses AJ in another corner and does the same back-up back elbow strikes on AJ as before. However, unlike before Paige steps away for a moment due to the Ref counting and when she tries to charge back in AJ get’s her knees up and knocks Paige away, before knocking her down with a double boot kick to the back to fight her way out of the corner. AJ charges Paige and hits a Thesz press on Paige now and pummels her a bit. Paige tosses AJ off and struggles up into a corner, but AJ meets her with a corner splash and follows that up with a nice neckbreaker. AJ hits a spinning back kick to Paige’s gut, but when she comes off the ropes Paige floors AJ with a Yakuza kick. Paige goes for a pin, but AJ kicks out again. Paige looks to go for the RAMPaige DDT, but AJ counters out of it with an wristlock escape into a back kick to Paige’s gut. AJ goes up the middle rope and as Paige gets close AJ plants her with a very nice Tornado DDT and goes for a pin, 1… 2… kickout by Paige.

AJ is breathing heavy now, Alicia Fox slams the mat ringside trying to get Paige back on her feet. AJ pulls Paige up to her feet, but Paige kicks AJ in her midsection and tries to whip her to the ropes, but AJ holds on to the arm and reverses jumping into a standing guillotine choke hold pulling back hard, Paige powers out of the move though and even holds AJ in her arms as she bootleg skips around a bit before hitting a fall away slam. AJ rolls out of the ring must to Paige’s dismay, Paige follows and tosses AJ into the barricade again. She then gets up on top of the barricade and looks to suplex AJ into the crowd no less, But Paige never seems to fully find her footing and AJ recovers and sweeps Paige’s legs out from under her and Paige’s back and head hit the top of the barricade wall before crashing down to the ringside floor. AJ scrambles back into the ring as the Ref reaches a 7 count, Alicia Fox fearing Paige with be counted out grabs her and tosses her back into the ring, but Paige is still very dazed from that hard falls and AJ easily spins around Paige right into her Black Widow submission finisher. AJ smiles knows she has got her and Paige quickly taps out to it giving AJ a hard fought victory.

WINNER and STILL Divas Champion: AJ Lee

After the match AJ releases the hold and smiles out at Alicia and laughs knows that she just beat the numbers game. The Ref raises AJ’s arm in victory and then gives AJ her Divas Title belt and raises it again as AJ holds her Divas Title up high in her other arm. AJ hugs her Divas Title and skips out of the ring, but not before blowing Paige a kiss. Alicia shouts “NO!” at the top of her lungs and then enters the ring where Paige begins to recover. AJ skips happily out of the arena her “baby” hugged to her tight. Alicia shouts out at AJ “You still suck!” from the ring angry (Pfft, yeah right, lol). Paige is no up though and she has rage in her eyes as she looks at Alicia, in fact as Alicia turns around Paige slaps her across the face hard and yells at her “It’s your fault!” Alicia is shocked and paige leaves the ring yelling back at Alicia “I hate you!” as Alicia looks back at her mouth agasp as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Well I thought I smelled an AJ win and Title defense coming at this PPV and sure enough that is just what happened. It was a great match for AJ where she really got to pull off some cool moves too, a hurricanrana (which is quickly becoming a new signature move) and even a nice Tornado DDT. Oh and don’t even get me started on how amazing her new custom long sleeve “Till Your Last Breath Shirt” looked, in a word it was Epic.

Still this was of course for the Divas Title and AJ keep her “Baby” right where it belongs around her washboard abs adorned waist. This also looks to be the end of a very long and strong AJ/Paige feud, at least for now. This was Paige’s rematch for her Title loss back at Night Of Champions and she lost, so that seems to be her last chance, at least for now. That means there is a whole bunch of things way up in the air ring now for AJ and Paige. For Paige it’s fairly clear that she blames Alicia for her loss (even though if Alicia did not toss her back into the ring she would have lost by count out anyway). That means a very likely Paige/Alicia feud now.

As for AJ though, that is almost impossible to predict. We could see a possible NXT call-up, though it seems to soon for Charlotte since she still holds the NXT Women’s Title, and I don’t see anybody else coming up right now either. That leaves a pretty dry pool, unless Tamina makes a surprise return and turns on her former employer AJ. That is what I would prefer at the moment, but who knows if that is possible yet? there is also the slight chance that this AJ/Paige feud is not over, but IMO it seems like it is for now. I guess we will just have to wait and see tomorrow on RAW just whom will step up to Challenge our Total Package Divas Champ next, till then AJ Fans, laters. -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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October 27th

The AJ Pics at the Gallery Link Below were Posted on the WWE App during Hell In A Cell 2014. The second one talks about how AJ has held the Divas Title for almost 1/5th of the Title’s existence, awesome stat for sure! While the first one is a nice backstage shot of AJ at Hell In A Cell 2014 watching some of the matches before hers. It came with the following cation:

“Divas Champion AJ Lee can’t help but be captivated by the matches preceding hers at WWE Hell In A Cell.”

Check out both Pics at the Gallery Link Below!

UPDATE: Added a gorgeous Pic of AJ after her match backstage at Hell In A Cell from the WWE Official Instagram.

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