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Friday’s Vid of Week for 9/19…. AJ Lee Belt Buckle & Wallet Now Available at ... Smackdown Spoilers RAW Results September 15th 2014
AJ Lee
Ring Names: Miss April, AJ Lee, AJ
Born: 19th March 1987
Debut: 29th September 2007
Mini Bio: Although her girl-next-door fashion sense and relatively small frame might be misleading, make no mistake: AJ is an extremely fierce competitor. Since she first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on WWE NXT, this fearless spark plug has shown that theres no limit to how high she can go. With her high-flying (and high-risk) lucha libre in-ring style and indomitable fighting spirit, the energetic AJ is sure to pose a threat to any Diva she steps in the ring with. Continue Reading

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September 19th

Friday’s Video of the Week for September 19 Is…

Title:Deathbeds (AJ Lee Music Video)

Song:“Deathbeds” by Bring Me The Horizon

Created By:SLK

September 17th

Check out these cool new AJ branded items at that were just released on WWEShop.Com. The first one is a AJ Belt Buckle with the quote from AJ’s newest shirt line “Love You Til Your Last Breath” and AJ’s signature logo, it is available for $14.99 USD. The second item is an awesome AJ Branded Wallet with the “Love You Til Your Last Breath” quote and AJ’s signature logo on one side, and the sweet looking Devil Heart Ribcage with the Black Widow hanging from it logo on the otherside (also from AJ’s latest shirt), it is available for $17.99 USD. You can buy these AJ items and many more from AJ’s Official WWE Shop page right HERE!

Also, be sure to check out larger preview images of the items at the gallery links below!

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September 17th

AJ was involved in Last Nights Smackdown Tapings which will be seen on Television on Friday 19th September 2014, if you want to know beforehand what happened click below.

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September 16th

 -RAW comes back from break and Paige is in the ring bootleg skipping around holding the Divas Title up ready for the upcoming Divas Tag match. Her Partner Nikki comes out, followed by AJ’s partner Brie, and finally AJ’s music hits and she comes skipping out to the ring smiling (AJ is looking gorgeous like always in what I think is a new custom cut ‘Til Your Last Breath’ shirt and her current normal ring attire). Paige mockingly claps for AJ and tells her she loves her as she gets into the ring, AJ skips around a bit smiling for the crowd before giving Paige a bit of a look. AJ seems to tell Brie “you got it”, before going to the ring apron.

Divas Tag Match: AJ Lee & Brie Bella Vs Paige & Nikki Bella

The bell ring and with AJ and Paige both on the ring apron it appears like the match will start off Twin Vs Twin with Brie and Nikki in the ring. Nikki seems like she is ready ever motioning Brie towards her, but as soon as Brie comes at Nikki, Nikki tags out to Paige and bails out of the ring so that Brie can’t get her hands on her. Paige comes in and her and Brie lock-up, Paige pushes Brie off and nails her with a Yakuza kick to the chest. Paige continues her mocking of AJ with some more bootleg skipping around the fallen Brie. AJ is not amused on the ring apron. Paige knocks Brie down then drags her to the ropes and drapes her over the middle rope and goes to the apron and nails some of her signature knees to Brie’s body. Brie looks for the tag out to AJ, AJ has her arm outstretched and is motioning for the tag (honestly though AJ’s face tells you just how much she is not feeling this tag match right here), Paige pulls Brie away stopping her from tagging out to AJ and she stomps Brie a bit for good measure. Paige into a sleeper hold now, she seems to blow her partner tonight (but opponent at NoC) Nikki a mocking kiss before Brie fights to her feet and out of the hold only to be knocked by down to the mat by Paige.

AJ looks on from the ring apron in utter annoyance, seemingly wanting to get in there to get her hands on Paige, but unable to due to Brie’s inability to get over to her for a tag. Paige pulls Brie out and Brie counters with some punches, but Paige lands a punch to Brie’s gut and floors her (with a body punch no less). Paige with a headbutt on Brie now, she goes for the cover, but Brie kicks out at 2. Take’s Brie’s arm and mockingly stretches it out towards AJ (something else Paige is stealing from AJ since we have seen AJ do this same thing in the past as a heel), Paige even uses Brie’s hands to blow a kiss to AJ. AJ continues to not be amused and stares back with a scowl at Paige. Brie actually counter into a roll’s pin, but Paige kicks out at 2 and gives Brie a headbutt to retake control. Paige reaches over to Nikki, but Nikki has no interest in getting into the match so Paige goes back on the attack on Brie with yet another sleeper. Brie counters out of the sleeper this time with a stunner and then goes to try and tag AJ, but just as she is about to Nikki pulls AJ off the ring apron from behind preventing the tag. Paige advantage takes the opportunity and picks Brie up and hits her RAMPaige DDT finisher on her before pinning her for the 3 count victory.

Winners: Paige & Nikki Bella

After the match Paige bootleg skips over her Divas Title while Nikki picks up the still down Brie and hits her torture rack back breaker on her before leaving the ring and arena. Paige begins to bootleg skip around the destroyed Brie in the ring. However when she does AJ gets up outside the ring and seeing this decides she is going to play a little mocking mind game of her own on Paige by skipping alongside Paige on the outside. Paige notices AJ and stop and as she does AJ does too, Paige tries to continue to skip and as she does AJ does also, playing a mocking synchronized skipping type of mind game on Paige. AJ stops with Paige does and skips when Paige does, finally Paige gets angry in the ring and yells at AJ, but AJ meets this with a big smile on her face and once again starts skipping when Paige does. AJ decides she has gotten the better of Paige after making her angry and smiles at her one last time before skipping away up the ramp as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Wow, WWE sure knows how to over hype and under deliver huh? I mean they promoted this Divas Tag match for 3 days on WWE.Com only to have it last a couple minutes and have AJ not even wrestle in it at all.  It was just a extremely poorly written segment and the fact that they promoted it for days before hand only made it worse. It was not not even the longest Divas match on RAW this week and a Naomi Vs Cameron match later in the show was longer, Smh.

As far as what it was, it did not do much, I guess it pushed the whole Twins feud along a tiny bit since now Nikki did her move on Brie (oh how earth shattering, yes that’s sarcasm), but it did not do much to mesh Nikki with the Divas Title feud that she is now somehow a part of since she is shoehorned into the Divas title match at NoC. I did like AJ’s synchronized skipping of course, she always has a nice new mind game up her sleeve. However, until that point she looked as bout as interested in being in the actually tag match as a one legged man would be in an ass kicking contest (as in not at all).

Honestly though why should AJ be interested in tagging with somebody she has no love loss for, against two others she likes even less? Not to mention Brie did nothing except straight up lose the match for her. Let’s just hope the writing for the Divas Title match at Night of Champions is a lot better then this, cause honestly it could not get any lazier. See you next time AJ Fans, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 On Twitter)

(Check Out the High Quality HD WWE Digital Pics of AJ at the Link Below! Full Video Coming Soon!)

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September 16th

Check out this cool pic from the WWE App that shows whom vast majority of fans truly think the WWE Divas Title looks best on. Unsurprisingly, AJ wins with 72% of the vote, something us AJ Fans have never doubted. Check out the full size version of the pic at the gallery link below!

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September 13th

As the race for the Divas Championship and the ongoing bad blood between The Bella Twins continue to intersect, the two worlds will collide on Monday in a Divas Tag Team Match, WWE.com has learned.

Divas Champion Paige will team up with one of her No. 1 contenders, Nikki Bella, to face the team of Brie Bella and the other No. 1 contender to the Divas Title, AJ Lee. This marks the first time The Bella Twins will be in direct competition with each other following Nikki’s betrayal at SummerSlam, and could provide a swing in the favorites for the Divas Championship Triple Threat Match set to unfold at Night of Champions on WWE Network.

How will the mayhem of the Divas division resolve itself? Tune in to Monday Night Raw at 8/7 CT live on USA Network to find out.

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September 13th

-As Smackdown comes back from a break AJ’s music is playing and she is already mid-skip down the entrance ramp (AJ is wearing a custom cut “ice cold” T-shirt and the rest of her usual ring gear). AJ skips around the ring to the commentary booth where she will guest commentate during the next match. Cole says something AJ being the favorite part of the show while welcoming her the the booth and AJ responds saying “Thank you, I am the favorite part of the show too.” Cole says who would think that they would agree on anything, and AJ says with a smile “Miracles happen.” (lol). Summer Rae is in the ring with her buddy Layla and Paige’s music hits and she bootleg skips down to the ring and AJ is shown staring at her with a look of pure disdain on her face as a replay is shown of what happened on RAW when AJ and Paige were forced to tag together and AJ tagged herself in to win the match.

Cole asks what happened in that RAW match and AJ says “I was just showing that I only have to be in a match for two seconds to win it, so imagine what’s gonna happen at Night of Champions”. Cole then asks about the scene after their match on RAW where AJ and Paige both tried to send a message to each other by each kissing the Divas Title and what it meant, AJ says “Some people call me the ‘kiss of death’, I don’t entirely appreciate that, but I was just saying hello to my baby that I miss so much, the Divas Title, and just reminding it that soon it’s gonna be back in my arms.” In the ring the match begins and Summer takes an early advantage over Paige. Cole says Layla is being annoying ringside, and AJ adds “Per usual”.

Cole mentions that it is now a triple threat match at Night of Champions and AJ interrupts and sarcastically says “A genius move by Stephanie McMahon. We’re on commentary so you can’t see me using very emphatic air quotes when I said that.” (lol, AJ hits the stupidity of it being a Triple Threat at NoC now right on the head). Cole asks AJ why she is upset Nikki in the NoC match, AJ responds saying “Because I deserved a fair rematch, and Nikki didn’t do anything to be number one contender… But you know what? I defy the odds, it’s what I do, I am gonna come out with my baby in my arms. (More great real talk from AJ here, we can only hope she is right about NoC). Cole says it is weird that AJ refers the the Divas Championship as her baby, AJ responds asking “Is it weird to love something that you’ve worked you entire life for? Is it…? I mean this is what we’re all fighting for, every woman here should be fighting for that Title, to have it on there shoulder, around their waist and I show it the love that it deserves.” (AJ is on fire with the real talk tonight).

JBL asks AJ should every woman consider the Divas Title their baby? AJ snaps back saying “It’s my baby, no one should it that, but me.” Mean while in the ongoing match Paige takes control and she goes over the the commentary side to do her drape over the rope knee strikes to Summer before giving AJ a look and a little wave. Cole and JBL say some stupid stuff about AJ having a lot of mood changes and that the Divas Title is in a foster home and crap. AJ ignores them as she stairs Paige (who continues to taunt her with little waves) down. Cole asks if AJ is listening and AJ says “I got a little distracted.” AJ then starts a new statement saying “And you know what? Paige is mine I don’t want to share her…”.

Just then Paige locks Summer Rae in a pretty poor and slowly put together bootleg version of AJ’s ‘Black Widow’ submission finisher, AJ exclaims asking “What is she doing?!” Summer Rae taps out to the bootleg Black Widow giving Paige the victory, and AJ is very much not amused. She gets up from the commentary position and stares Paige don as Paige tries to taunt AJ some more by showing her the Divas Title and blowing her a kiss. As Paige looks to leave the ring out the other side Layla comes into the ring looking like she might try to get revenge for Summer, but before she can AJ comes in a grabs her arm and kicks Layla in the gut. Paige stops leaving the ring wondering what AJ is doing. AJ tells her something then she grabs Layla and hits one of Paige’s finishers the “Paige Turner” on Layla before staring Paige down some more (lol, see two can play at that game AJ’s little crumpet). Paige is not amused, AJ smiles at her and cutely blows Paige a kiss. Paige comes over and tries to tell AJ off, but AJ does not mind at all and she begins skipping around the annoyed Paige as her music hits, before skipping out of the ring. AJ happily skips up the ramp to the back leaving an upset Paige in the ring clutching the Divas Title as the segment ends.

-Later in the night AJ interrupts a backstage interview Byron Saxton is doing with Nikki Bella. Nikki talks about “her” Divas title match at Night of Champions and AJ comes in and sarcastically starts talking saying “Oh I’m sorry don’t let me interrupt. You were about to talk about how you weaseled your way into my Divas Title match. I guess there is certain benefits to being Stephanie McMahon’s little… lap dog.” Nikki steps closer to AJ, and AJ does an oh so hilarious doggy noise and tells Nikki “Down girl, down!”, at this moment Paige interrupts now also and she sarcastically asks if AJ and Nikki are fighting over the Divas Title. Paige agrees with AJ and says it not really about AJ her and “don’t tell me, Nikki?” (lol, that was a solid joke shot there by Paige on Nikki). Paige says it’s just about her and AJ and she says that she is gonna beat AJ one last time so that they can stop with the fighting and be best friends. Paige calls AJ pumpkin (another thing she stole from AJ), and then tells AJ she loves her before saying bye to Brie before correcting herself and saying bye to  Nikki (lol). AJ is not amused by Paige’s comments and when Byron Saxton puts the mic back toward her she simply scoffs and leaves. Nikki says some cocky line about this maybe being two easy and the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Another solid AJ/Paige feud segment during the match, and one that once again proved that Nikki has no place in the Divas Title match at Night of Champions story wise or other wise. In fact AJ said some excellent things about just how dumb it is that Nikki has been tossed into a match she did not earn and a feud that does not need her. She really nailed it on commentary tonight. I mean AJ is always commentary gold, but in contrast to many times before AJ was pretty dead serious the entire time on there tonight, with very few jokes and quips about things.

Honestly though why should she be joking about it when it is clearly a BS move by creative that hurts a great match that AJ and Paige would have put on at NoC in a feud that is now months deep. Not to mention if Nikki does walk out of Night of Champions with the Title (a thought that honestly sickens me), what was the Paige and AJ feud even for with no Title payoff? Sure Creative tried a half assed attempt to interject Nikki a bit into the feud with the interview segment, but Nikki was clearly the worse part of that segment too and once again seemed completely out of place there, not to mention she was clearly out classed on the mic.  Let’s just hope that AJ is right and she walks out of NoC with her “baby” and then and only then can this nightmare of match making have a nice big silver lining. Until next time AJ Fans, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 On Twitter)

UPDATE: After Smackdown ended it was announced on WWE.Com that AJ Lee and Brie Bella would face Paige and Nikki Bella on RAW this coming Monday.

(Check Out High Quality HD WWE Digital Pics at the Link Below! Full Video Coming Soon!)

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