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AJ Lee
Ring Names: Miss April, AJ Lee, AJ
Born: 19th March 1987
Debut: 29th September 2007
Mini Bio: Although her girl-next-door fashion sense and relatively small frame might be misleading, make no mistake: AJ is an extremely fierce competitor. Since she first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on WWE NXT, this fearless spark plug has shown that theres no limit to how high she can go. With her high-flying (and high-risk) lucha libre in-ring style and indomitable fighting spirit, the energetic AJ is sure to pose a threat to any Diva she steps in the ring with. Continue Reading

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August 2nd

AJ was featured in this weeks Power 25 Rankings, she stayed in the top 9 position which is great and hopefully moves up more during this week.

AJ Lee
Divas Champion AJ Lee made short work of Rosa Mendes on SmackDown, but the two-time titleholder definitely still has her hands full with “frenemy” and budding rival Paige.

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August 2nd


-Our beautiful Total Package Divas Champion AJ Lee is shown skipping in the back on her way to the ring before we go to a break.

~Commercial Break~

After the break Rosa Mendes is shown in the ring before AJ’s music hits and she skips her way out on stage and raises her Divas Title high and then skips her way down to the ring where she will face Rosa tonight (AJ look as stunning as ever and is wearing what I think is a new custom cut “til your last breath” shirt, blue jean short shorts, AJ arm bands, AJ socks, and her grey Chuck wrestling boots.). AJ raises her Divas Title high for all and jumps up in excitement as she enters the ring before a recap video is shown of her attacking the BS spouting Paige on RAW before Paige ran away. AJ is shown after the replay end and she smiles wide at it.

Non-Title Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Vs. Rosa Mendes

The ref rings the bell and after he does Rosa spouts some nonsense about wanting a Title shot. AJ counter’s this trash talk with a nice spinning back kick to Rosa’s gut and then comes off the ropes and spins around Rosa and locking her in the Black Widow in the middle of the ring a forcing her to tap out! (How about that for a quick match huh? lol)

WINNER: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee

After the match AJ mockingly (and hilariously) fixes her hair before the ref gives her her Divas Title and raises her arm in victory while AJ raises her Divas Title up high in the other hand smiling wide, before looking at her Divas Title and telling it “I love you” (I ain’t a lip reader, but this was an easy one to read). AJ leaves the ring and raises her Title high skipping back up to the entrance stage. Once there AJ raise the Title up again and then pets and talks to it, but out of nowhere Paige comes running from behind and pushes AJ off the stage down to the floor area below where she rolls and appears to hit her head on a Camera before coming to a stop. Paige laughs on stage at what she has done and spout more BS lies like “AJ, I still love you” to a down and out AJ as ref’s and the WWE doctors quickly come to AJ’s aid. Paige spouts more garbage to the people trying to aid AJ telling them that “she’s fine” and that they are “over reacting”, when clearly they are not. Paige finally stands up and spouts to the crowd “That’s my best friend” while pointing at the still not moving AJ before mockingly (and poorly) skipping off stage as we go to a break.

~Commercial Break~

After the break we see a replay of the attack by Paige on AJ that just happened from several different angles. Then we are shown what happened during the break where AJ was put in a neck brace and on a stretcher before being taken for “further evaluation” (as Cole called it). AJ did seem to be moving a bit, but still seemed completely out of it as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:
Ok before I start let me just say that some of you have expressed concern that AJ might have actually been hurt during the attack by Paige where she gets pushed off the entrance stage, and while I doubt she was suppose to hit the camera after she hit the floor rolling, she did not appear to hit it hard and she also hit it on the side turning it, meaning the Camera gave some as AJ rolled into it (which of course also makes it a less hard hit). Plus, it has not been reported anywhere in the 3 days since the Smackdown taping that AJ got hurt for real during this segment, so her “injury” is completely fake and is storyline, so calm down all.

Now, as far as tonight went that match was as funny and was perfect as could be, Rosa talks about her completely undeserving ass wanting a Title shot and AJ beats her 20 secs later with a Black Widow, that is pretty priceless, lol. However, the segment was clearly centered around what happened after when Paige attacks AJ. Paige stooped to new lows and a new level of Cowardice in the attack on AJ, though I guess he initial heel turn attack on AJ was just as bad if not worse.

I will says that is you are reading the reverse Psychology of WWE Logic of this feud AJ is clearly at the moment looking good for win at Summer Slam with how much of the upper hand Paige has had during it leading into the PPV. Of course we still have another couple of weeks until Summer Slam, so that could change. I fully expect an angry AJ to enact some measure of revenge on Paige on RAW Monday, and that is when I will  be seeing you all again! Till then, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 On Twitter)

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August 2nd


Check out these awesome AJ pics that were posted to both the WWE App and the WWE’s Instagram account during the August 1st broadcast of Smackdown.  The first talks about the many benefits of skipping like AJ does, and the second is a nice backstage pic of AJ and her “baby” the WWE Divas Title from Smackdown. Enjoy them both at the Gallery links below!

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August 1st

AJ Lee was featured for a few seconds on Episode 019 of WWE Countdown which counted down the top 10 Riveting Rivalries in WWE History. She spoke during the Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels segment. She mentions that Bret was the best there ever will be and sticks to that to this very day.

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August 1st

Friday’s Video of the Week for August 1st Is…

Title:AJ Lee mv • Too Cool

Song:“Too Cool” by Meaghan Martin

Created By:dori-layxdivas doroteya

July 30th

AJ was involved in Last Nights Smackdown Tapings which will be seen on Television on Friday 1st August 2014, if you want to know beforehand what happened click below.

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July 29th


-Paige’s music hits and she comes out still mocking AJ by skipping to the ring (poorly skipping), as a replay is shown of her attack on AJ last week. Paige get’s into the ring and talks about how she wants to set the record straight and that she still thinks of AJ as her best friend (obviously being facetious). Paige goes on to talk about that when she attacked AJ last week she did not think of her as her friend, but rather as someone that took her Title. Paige then promises to never act the way she did last week ever again (more obvious fake talk here too).At this moment our Divas Champion AJ Lee’s music hits, she skips down to the ring (showing Paige what REAL skipping looks like). AJ get’s into the ring wearing a cool white top with a black skull with wings on it that looks like it says “Holy Hell Bombshell” on it, lol. AJ also wears tight blue jean short shorts, cool black and white Chuck high top shoes and he new devil heart ribcage necklace from WWE Shop.

AJ gets a huge pop from the crowd (which is always awesome) and she begins to speak to Paige saying “Oh Paige… Paige, Paige. Paige. My Sweet young Casper looking crumpet (lol), do you really think anybody here is buying…”. Paige interrupts AJ and AJ is not happy about it, AJ get’s into Paige’s face and sternly says “I wasn’t finished talking!”. AJ stares right into Paige’s eyes with anger, Paige gives AJ the floor and AJ continues speaking saying “I get it Paige. I get why you’re mad. I know exactly what it feels like to have this Divas Title (which AJ has on her shoulder) that you worked for your entire life taken away from you in an instant. You did that to me Paige, but if you wanna be like me and you want to come out her and skip around, then be like me! I don’t play little girl games, I don’t smile in front of someone and whisper behind their back. If I have a problem with you, if I don’t like you, if I want to talk crap about you, it’s gonna be to your face.” and AJ says this while getting VERY close to Paige’s face to drive her point home. Paige tries to speak, but AJ knocks the mic away from her mouth and finishes her statement saying “…Like a REAL woman!”.

Paige begins to talk now AJ still right in her face, Paige claims that she is AJ’s real friend and if AJ does not believe it then she must be “crazy” (Uh-oh, you just say that work that must never be spoken Paige). AJ reacts how you would expect to the uttering of the “C” word, she looks to have gone from angry to REALLY angry now and ask paige that classic question “What did you just call me?!”. Paige tries to back peddle, saying she is sorry and that she did not mean to call AJ that, but she does it in a fake way yet again saying that she would never make fun of AJ’s “mental health”. AJ is positively seething now. However in an instant AJ seems to flip a switch and she smiles wide and says “I get it! No, No I understand. It was a mistake, it happens to the best of us. You spoke and you acted without thinking, it happens to all of us, even those of us that are just a little a bit off their rockers…” AJ looks at Paige and (of course) AJ jumps her tackling her down and pummeling Paige with shots and then screaming in anger before tossing Paige outside the ring!

AJ follows Paige outside, and rams Paige’s back hard into the barricade. AJ looks to toss Paige into the Steel steps, but Paige jumps on and get’s over them. AJ then runs and jumps on the steps looking like she might do a flying clothesline off of them, however Paige backs away out of range screaming for AJ to “calm down” (yeah right Paige, cause you don’t feel like getting your ass handed to you tonight). AJ stares down Paige from on top of the steel steps with pure anger in her eyes as Paige backs away up the entrance ramp. AJ then gets into the ring and gets her Divas Title and holds it high in the air screaming at Paige “You want this Paige?!”, AJ then put the Divas Title on in the ring in front of her and screams and motion at Paige to “Come and get it!” (Like the bad ass Champion AJ is!). Paige keeps her BS up on the ramp talking about how they are “supposed to be friends” (give it up already), as AJ stands tall in the ring as her music hits, her Divas Title in front of her as she stares down the cowardly Paige whom backs her way to the top of the entrance ramp in retreat as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

It’s fair to say it’s fully on now! I mean despite Paige continuing her BS we should be friends BS that nobody is buying (least of all AJ) for no apparent reason it’s still really truely on now. Bad Ass “come and get it” Face AJ Vs cowardly lying Heel Paige. Paige has already lit the fire in AJ last week, but she threw fuel on that fire this week when she called her the dreaded “C” word (well the dreaded C word for AJ, lol), and boy did it show as AJ attacked Paige and sent her packing back up the ramp in retreat.

AJ is not only not buying Paige’s BS “friend” crap, in fact she is now flat-out tired of it, and is ready to lay a serious beatdown on Paige for it. Also, the mic work tonight was great. Paige is not the best on the mic, but she at least ok, but AJ once again really made the segment by hitting every bit of the mic work expertly, both in acting and delivery.

On a side note it was also great to see AJ dressed down a bit in street type clothes instead of her ring gear. It’s been a while since we have seen that, and it made me remember back in the day when AJ wore all kinds of cool outfits and shirts to the ring, before she had her own WWE shirts and such. Well not much more analysis that can be done about tonight, just have to see where it goes from here. See you next time all, laters! -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

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