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AJ Lee
Ring Names: Miss April, AJ Lee, AJ
Born: 19th March 1987
Debut: 29th September 2007
Mini Bio: Although her girl-next-door fashion sense and relatively small frame might be misleading, make no mistake: AJ is an extremely fierce competitor. Since she first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on WWE NXT, this fearless spark plug has shown that theres no limit to how high she can go. With her high-flying (and high-risk) lucha libre in-ring style and indomitable fighting spirit, the energetic AJ is sure to pose a threat to any Diva she steps in the ring with. Continue Reading

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October 25th

-We come back from break and Alicia Fox is in the ring posing as Paige cheers her on from outside the ring, Alicia will face AJ in a rematch from RAW. AJ’s music hits and our Divas Champion AJ Lee skips out on stage smiling and holds her Divas Title high proudly for all to see before skipping down to the ring. Paige looks at AJ with a look of pure disdain as AJ kisses her Title and gets into the ring as poses proudly once again for the fans holding her Divas Title high before the match begins.

Non-Title Match: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee Vs Alicia Fox (w/ Paige)

AJ and Alicia circle and lock-up as a nice big AJ chant comes from the crowd (loving it), AJ with a standing wristlock on Alicia, but Alicia breaks free and sends AJ into the ropes, but counters with a huge hurricanrana sending Alicia flying. Paige screams at Alicia to get up and she does and she slaps AJ across the face when she does. Alicia tries to send AJ into the ropes, gain, but AJ holds on and reverses jumping up and wrapping her legs around Alicia’s waist and locking her in a guillotine choke. Alicia slams AJ’s back into the corner to break the hold though and then hits a hard northern lights suplex pin on AJ, but AJ kicks out at 2. Alicia with a sleeper, AJ fights out as the crowd chants AJ yet again, Alicia with a clubbing blow to AJ’s back and a body slam. Alicia screams that this is her house and Paige yells to her to bring AJ over to to her. Alicia does so and using the second rope to choke AJ as Paige yells at AJ how she hates her.

The ref breaks the illegal hold and as Paige continues to yell at Alicia to stay on AJ. Alicia tosses AJ back first into a corner now and somewhat nonchalantly charges are her, AJ get’s the knees up into Alicia’s face to counter though and then floors Alicia with a double boot kick to her back. AJ nails a spinning back kick to Alicia gut and as she does Paige get’s up on the ring apron screaming at Alicia (she screamed so much in this match it almost gave me a headache), AJ seems to want to comes off the ropes (maybe for a Shinning Wizard), but Paige is standing there on the apron so AJ swings at her, but Paige ducks down to dodge. AJ turns around after the distraction and Alicia nails her with a hard knee to the midsection. Alicia tries for another body slam, but AJ counters slipping off behind her and she then pushes Alicia into Paige who is still standing on the apron, the two so called “besties” knock heads and AJ takes advantage rolling up Alicia into a pin for the 3 count and victory.

WINNER: WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee

After the match Piage comes storming into the ring screaming like a banshee at AJ as AJ leaves the ring quickly with a smile on her face and  Divas Title (or her baby if you prefer) in hand. AJ is announced the winner and leaves laughing up the ramp as Paige kicks the ropes in disgust over her so called “bestie”s loss. Alicia Fox get’s up and join in the disgust filled rage as AJ holds her Divas Title up high to show them who the Champ is, before turning and skipping up the ramp Title still held high. Paige and Alicia scream at AJ from inside the ring, but AJ rubs it in a bit more skipping all over the entrance stage with her Divas Title still held up in the air (lol). AJ then gives one more big smile towards her rivals in the ring as the segment ends.

Andrew’s Editor Notes:

Well what goes around came around tonight for Paige and Alicia Fox, they might of have used distraction tactics to beat AJ on RAW Monday, but AJ made sure those same tactics backfired on them tonight on Smackdown. One thing that really struck me in this match was the way Paige seemed to command Alicia Fox around the ring tonight, I mean honestly she was screaming at her 95% of the match no matter if she was winning or losing at that moment. Seems like her hate for AJ is starting to bubble over and that could make her unfocused come Sunday at Hell In A Cell.

Yes, I know the WWE Logic took a hit for AJ tonight since she won the match and segment, but that actually is par for the course with WWE. They often have whomever the WWE Logic is with (AKA the person that has been getting the short end of the stick going into the PPV) win their match right before the PPV to try to and pull a sort of double reverse psychologically disguise on us longtime fans that sort of know how to read the WWE Logic by now. They did it many times in AJ’s previous reigns for example and it never cost her.

So while I of course can’t guarantee anything, my pick is still AJ come Sunday at Hell In A Cell. I also will say I can’t tell if this is the end of the feud or not (at least the end for now), but if AJ wins, it seems like it might be. That of course make you think “well who would be next?” and to that I say it’s wide open. First things first though, Let’s all root for AJ to win and defend her Title Sunday and after we can think about that. Until then AJ Fans, laters. -Andrew (@WPack911 on Twitter)

(Check out the High Quality HD AJ WWE Digital Pics at the Gallery Link Below! Full Video Coming Soon!)

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October 25th

Check out this pretty epic video promo featuring AJ Lee. Guess we will find out if the fact that she is still holding the Divas Title in this promo means anything come Sunday, click play below and enjoy.

October 24th

WWE’s AJ Lee On Hell In A Cell & Her Batman/Joker Rivalry With Fellow WWE Diva Paige

Wrestling fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation for this Sunday’s WWE annual Hell in a Cell event (live on the WWE Network – for just $9.99). With two main event matches inside the monstrous Cell, John Cena vs. Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, we asked a certain WWE Diva’s Champion when we’d see her inside the demonic structure.

Just yesterday I had the chance to speak with AJ Lee about one day putting the title on the line inside the Cell and who’d she want to be against when she does so. From there we jumped into her love of comics, where the namesake for her finisher came from and so much more. Want to know what classic comics rivalry she sees herself currently in? Find out below!

AJ, You’ve been a part of your fair share of Pay Per Views. For you, what it is about them that gets you excited for each one, and Hell In A Cell in particular?

I think the really cool thing is, especially for this one is that I spent a year talking crap about EVERYONE and in a way, proving myself right. Nobody could take that title off me, ya know? Even the English Muffin, Paige.


But look, she proved me wrong! She’s shown that she’s a strong competitor and there’s nothing more that you could want as an entertainer in this business then to have someone who can keep up! Going into Hell In A Cell this weekend, it’s a little scary because she’s pinned me on more than one occasion, so who knows what will happen on Sunday.

What is it about the Diva’s title that means so much to you. Obviously it’s great to be champion, but what does it mean beyond that?

Well for one, I have the date I won it the first time tattooed on the back of my neck. I say that because it’s not just for the championship itself, but it marked the end of a 14 year, life long goal to make it in the WWE. It marked the opportunity for me to prove myself as the best woman in the company, despite being everything people think of when it came to their idea of what a woman champion should be in this business.

I got the tattoo because I was proud of staying myself, being different, going against the grain AND being the champ.

This weekend’s title match has not one, but two girls who are VERY different, and people are picking a side is phenomenal. I like to call Paige and I “Wonderful Little Weirdos.” It just shows how far we’ve evolved as Divas in general.

Are you just itching to get your own match, in the Cell itself?

OH MY GOD, I wish! It would be so amazing.

The other week on Raw, they had the Cell assembled outside of the ring. So Paige and I were walking around it thinking, “just give us three minutes in here.”

Trust me, Paige and I are kind of insane,and we’re doing our best to convince people. We’d love it, but I don’t know if everyone is ready for that yet.

Okay, so lets get nerdy. It’s pretty well known that you’re a BIG comics fan. If you were to compare your rivalry against Paige with any rivalry in comics, what would it be?

HA! What I get a lot from fans, is that our feud is very much like Batman and Joker. I think its really interesting because we go back and forth on who is Batman and who is Joker. After Wrestlemania you had Paige, the hero in all black leather, stopping maniacal AJ which was perfect.

But as time went on you couldn’t tell who had more screws loose. The fundamentals are there though. Every hero is as good as their best villain and when you have two on the top of their game able to switch back and forth just goes to show how great rivalries can be.

And I mean come on, to be compared to the most widely known hero/villain rivalry ever? I’ll take it.

If there is anyone out there who says Batman doesn’t have a few screws loose himself, they’re thinking of the wrong hero.



You mentioned that your character has undergone a number of changes since debuting in the WWE. Has your evolution been methodical or has it been more you adapting to the situations you’re put in?

It’s interesting you know? “Continuity” isn’t something that has always been around in wrestling like it has in comics. I’ve gotten really lucky that I’ve been able to jump from story arc to story arc with the “AJ” character and really grow her. She started out as someone who was always being taken advantage of that broke her mentally and emotionally, to her breaking out from that with revenge on her mind, then turning evil, and now where she’s trying to redeem herself.

She’s bringing all that same crazy and evil, but it’s more focused like a laser now. If nobody could stop her when she was all over the place, how is someone going to stop her when she’s so focused on winning now?

The fact that it’s all made sense, and the story behind her has connected so well has helped me be a better performer. I love being able to draw on all her back-story and take it to the next level and I think my fans have caught on to that.

Your finisher is the “Black Widow,” might that be named after a certain Avengers heroine?


There were actually some points during the merchandise creative process where I tried to get skulls on my mercy, but we couldn’t do that and we ended up with the spider. But nobody had put 2 + 2 together that it was a Black Widow spider. I think it was on Smackdown where I had actually said the phrase out loud. I did it as a little pop and shout out to my friend Arune [Singh, Executive Director of TV Communications] at Marvel. We were talking on Twitter about it and it took off from there.

But it makes sense, right? I mean the character is such a kick ass heroine. She’s dark and twisted and nobody messes with her.

Taking it back to the merchandise though, I thought it was perfect because it goes so well with my move. It looks like someone got caught in a spider’s web and eventually, submits!

It’s my comic book shout out!

Alright, last question before I let you go. The new Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer is out, have you seen it.

I HAVEN’T. Someone in my household was watching it and I heard bits and pieces of it, but its my #1 goal after I’m done with this. I’m super excited for the movie.

(Credit: Jim Viscardi, Comicbook.Com)

October 24th

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee: One-On-One

The Divas champion discusses her intense title match at Hell In A Cell, Total Divas and her love of gaming.

AJ Lee is considered queen bee in WWE’s Divas division. Unlike many of her colleagues, she isn’t the stereotypical mannequin many fans had grown accustomed to. There isn’t the slightest thing stereotypical about the chick sitting atop of the Divas division.

AJ, with her devil-may-care attitude, rocking jean shorts and skipping to the ring in her Chuck Taylors, is just part of the reason why she has become such a fan favorite.

Despite only a few years in WWE, she is already the record-holder for the longest and most reigns as Divas champion, but her energetic style in the ring and way with words is what has resonated with fans.

The Rivalry

CraveOnline: You and Paige have developed quite the rivalry over the past six months swapping the Divas championship back in forth. What do you think makes the WWE fans so interested in your rivalry?

AJ Lee: Its very cool because everyone in the wrestling community knew who she was but she was a new talent and so for them to kind of jump on board that people didn’t know is a testament to how good she is and the chemistry we have. The last time I got to do something that lasted more than a month was with Kaitlyn and I think people are really interested in a story when you know, there’s a really good story to it and there’s chemistry and you kind of want to see new people be married for awhile. We’re going on four months now and kind of excited to see where it goes from here.

Hell In A Cell

CraveOnline: What can fans expect from your championship match at Hell In A Cell. Do you have anything special planned because you raised the bar with your title win at NOC?

AJ Lee: Gosh, I don’t know. That’s the thing. Thank you by the way for liking that attention, I’m so proud of that. We basically raise the bar and every time I’ve defended the title against Paige I’ve lost so I’m nervous. Its going to be interesting to see what we do that’s different and how we raise the bar this time and increase the intensity. We’re pretty unpredictable and prone to violence so we’ll see what happens [laughs].

She’s A Bad Girl

CraveOnline: Last year, you dropped that hilariously brutal promo on the Total Divas cast. Did any of them take that personal? And is there any chance we will see you on the Total Divas in the future?

AJ Lee: Well, you know I was a bad guy. I’m a good guy now [laughs]. That kind of came about because the second season they asked me to replace JoJo and to jump on and its just not something I’m interested in. I want to be known for this character on TV two nights a week and then I want to go away and live my life in private. So it’s just not my cup of tea but it’s okay that it’s other people’s cup of tea. I think its funny doing that ‘pipe bombshell’ [promo on Total Divas cast] as I call it. It kind of made people pick a side and get mad and go “Yeah, good for you for not being in it.” In reality, it’s a good opportunity for these girls and you got someone like Paige joining it this year to give their own spice and flavor. It’s something that’s interesting and helps the women in our company have something fun to do and make names for themselves. I’m just interested in myself only wrestling and have a nice quiet private life…as much as I can [laughs].

CraveOnline: There are a lot of divas tags as of late. Can you see a divas tag title taking off or would you rather the divas title be the focus?

AJ Lee: There have definitely been times when you have little cliques that work well together like Summer [Rae] and Layla and then you have the Bella’s and who knows if me and Paige can get on the same page, no pun intended, one day.  That’d be a cool team. That would be cool to see more of those solidified teams and not just random Divas tags but I don’t know if titles would work. I think its fun to have this one prize that we all covet and are fighting for. But it would be cool to see some alliances.

Who’s Got Next?

CraveOnline: Who’s a diva to watch in NXT and what makes her stand out from all the others?

AJ Lee: I’m not the greatest at following it. What have I seen is when I’ve actually been there to have a match myself and I got to work with Bayley. As a person she is amazing and as a wrestler she is amazing. She knows who she is. She has an amazing character. I want the world for her. People I’d say to look out for her are Bayley, Lana, Summer, and Emma. Those are girls who I think has so much potential.

On Gaming

CraveOnline: I know you’re a gamer so I have to ask. Will you be getting WWE2K15 for the PS4 or Xbox One?

AJ Lee: PS4. I don’t want to alienate my Xbox fans. I love Xbox. I’m still waiting to get Xbox One but it’s so cool to see yourself in a video game.

CraveOnline: How biased are you in your gameplay? Does AJ Lee have every title?

AJ Lee: [Laughs] I think last year I started as the champion. I don’t know what its like this year. I would still like to be.

CraveOnline: My buddy, Sam, is a big fan of Metal Gear Solid like yourself, and would kill me if I didn’t ask you about the game. Are you looking forward to the new entry and who is your favorite character of the series besides Solid Snake?

AJ Lee: Ooh. I don’t understand this when I say this and maybe now she wouldn’t be but the girl I got special love for is Meryl, just because she’s the female protagonist in Metal Gear Solid. She was so cute and I always tried to keep her alive [laughs]. She’s my pick…her and Sniper Wolf. I’ve got little action figures of them all over the place. So yeah, I’d have to go with them.

Dream Job

CraveOnline: We’ve all seen the footage of you meeting Lita as a kid. What’s it like now to be on the other side of that with little girls now looking up to you?

AJ Lee: It’s insane because you don’t think you’re going to have that type of reach or that kind of affect on people. The affect of having your dream job is that it influences people and that’s the best thing I will have ever done with my life is have these little kids look up to me and embrace their individuality because of me, to think its okay to be a wonderful weirdo and be proud of that and be proud to wear sneakers, be little tomboys, or whatever it is that they are and feel different. I hope they can look at me and know its okay to be different and that’s what kind of message I get when I have these signings through WWE and I meet these girls and they tell me that I help them be comfortable in their own skin. That will be the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

CraveOnline: We know you actually grew up as a wrestling fan, which is a rarity with girls. What was it like being a female wrestling fan at school?

AJ Lee: There weren’t many of us [laughs]. It determined where I sat at lunch because I’d have a bunch of guys that liked wrestling and those were my buddies. Girls didn’t get it. So from a very young age I was alienating myself. But it was cool. That was my little clique and I’m at 12 saying “Yeah, I’m going to do it” and everyone kind of grows up and changes their mind but its in my yearbooks that everyone thought I was still going to do it. I was the last one standing.

CraveOnline: Do you have a dream match scenario?

AJ Lee: Oh, man. Hmm. I think my dream match scenario happened already. It was me and Kaitlyn when I won the title. We kind of come into the show together and done NXT and had this amazing story leading up to it. That’s my favorite match of all time as well. So my dream scenario would have to be with my best friend when I won the title for the first time. I don’t think it gets better than that.

Staying In Shape

CraveOnline: What is your diet and workout routine while on the road? I imagine it’s pretty strict.

AJ Lee: Being on the road in general, it’s harder to get your workouts in and eat right especially when you’re on three hours of sleep. Anyone that can make pain while on the road is impressive. Its one of things you have to be on top of and force yourself to work out. No one ever wants to. You don’t want to sweat and workout and be tired but you have to.


CraveOnline: If you could put one celebrity outside of WWE into the Black Widow, who would it be?

AJ Lee: [Laughs] I don’t know.

CraveOnline: With Halloween coming up and you being kind of a nerd and having a knack for cool costumes in the past, do you have any special costume planned this year?

AJ Lee: The fun thing about our show is that we occasionally get to have reasons to dress up. I got to do Raphael from Ninja Turtles and Kitana from Mortal Kombat and an unsuccessful try to fan lift in the middle of the ring but that’s one of my most proud moments [laughs]. But I’ve always wanted to get a Harley Quinn outfit out there. I don’t know if its going to happen but that’s kind of my goal.

CraveOnline: What can your fans expect from AJ Lee in the future?

AJ Lee: Oh, man. I don’t know. That’s the fun thing. You never really know. Week-to-week you don’t know what you’re going to get. I’m going to try and keep the title on me this Sunday. Every time I’ve tried to defend against Paige, she’s won [laughs] so I’m a little nervous. Hopefully we can keep that title one me and go for another 295 day run.

(Credit: Joshua Caudill, CRAVE Online)

October 24th

Fightin’ Fangirls: AJ Lee

The Divas champ defends her title at Hell in a Cell this weekend but first talks about her love for Pizza Dog and more!

After a tumultuous back and forth between herself and Paige for possession of the Divas belt, current champ AJ Lee sets off once again to retain the title against her most equaled opponent at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. We spoke with her prior to the event about the evolution of Divas, how Gamora would fare as a wrestler, her love for Pizza Dog and much more!

Marvel.com: To begin, coming off your loss Monday at RAW, how are you regrouping to prepare for your match at “Hell in the Cell” this weekend?

AJ Lee: Oh gosh. I think it’s kind of poetic because really the only person that kind of kicked my butt and is always the cause of my losses when they really count, when the title is on the line, has been Paige. So she’s the one that makes me have to prove myself all over again; gives me the biggest challenge. Every time that I’ve defended the title against her, I’ve lost. So going into Sunday I think I have a lot of prove. No one ever makes me feel that way except for her. So that’s kind of the interesting story going into that. I want to go in and leave as champion.

Marvel.com: Do you think Alicia may come in and help Paige, kind of like the vice versa scenario of Monday? And if so, how do you think you’ll retaliate?

AJ Lee: They’re playing the numbers game, which I guess karmically I have coming to me all those times having Tamina and Big E ringside with me. So I get it but I enjoy now just being a lone soldier — one diva army — one girl revolution. I’m gonna try to take them both out on my own but it’s not going to be easy. You know, two against one.

Marvel.com: The rivalry has been going on for the better part of six months now. Besides obviously retaining the title, what would the dream scenario be for how this ends?

AJ Lee: I don’t know. I think the fact that there’s two women who aren’t necessarily your standard of diva beauty, that aren’t your standard diva… to have these two women who are very different in myself and Paige in something for so long and people are invested for the entire time and want to see it keep going says a lot about how Divas have evolved and how fans have evolved and what they hold important and what they want to see. They just want to see good matches and good wrestling and interesting characters and I think that’s revolutionary and that’s really cool to be a part of. My dream scenario was for this to go as long as it possibly could and I think it’s been like four of five months now. I kind of want to see it keep going in some way and I want the story to continue to get creepy and weird. I just enjoy having those matches with her.

Marvel.com: This is the third year that you’ve partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Can you talk a little bit about that?

AJ Lee: We have all that merch out there where the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. My personal favorite is the “Support the Twins” shirt. I think that’s pretty solid. It’s really cool to see these big strong scary men but they’re wearing pink and they have a soft side. They just want to help out and help women. I think the fact that that’s such a contradiction is what makes it interesting and makes it warm your heart. I like that we are able to commit so much of ourselves during the month of October to that. Whether it’s the merchandise or the ramps or the ring ropes, we try as much as we can to get the word out there and it’s a really cool thing for us to do.

Marvel.com: You use “The Black Widow” as a finishing move. What other Marvel characters would you want to borrow moves from?

AJ Lee: Gosh. I don’t know. The perfect thing about the Black Widow is definitely kind of a little joke; a shout out to Marvel. I think I said it one time on commentary to pop my buddies over there and then it got such a good reaction with the fans that I was like “Okay we gotta keep this going. Keep it part of the repertoire.” We had the spider webs… it just all worked out really well. But I don’t know. I do have a very special love right now for Kate Bishop and my Pizza Dog. If I could somehow get a Pizza Dog with me on the way to the ring, I would be pretty psyched.

Marvel.com: So you’re obviously into Hawkeye and we’ve spoken before about you being a fan of Spider-Man and the X-Men. Are those what you’re reading these days or is there anything else that you’re keeping up with?

AJ Lee: I just got the last trade of Hawkeye where Kate’s going to LA and having all sorts of adventures so that was put in my bag this week which was really cute. I’m kind of just jumping all over the place. I know I’m way late to the party but I just got into The Sixth Gun. That’s really amazing. I’m kind of just jumping into that. I love Saga. I’m waiting to see what comes next with that. Of course, my Harley Quinn I always jump on board with but Hawkeye is my Marvel friend at the moment.

Marvel.com: Have you seen “Guardians of the Galaxy” yet?

AJ Lee: I did! It was so funny because I think that people always expect the big blockbuster to be a household name and something that they’re familiar with and then you have “Guardians of the Galaxy” come out. It’s the best one so far. It’s my favorite Marvel movie. I love those stories when it’s something you wouldn’t expect and it’s these characters who aren’t your ‘drink your milk’ super heroes. They’re little weirdos and I love that.

Marvel.com: How do you think Gamora would fare as a Diva?

AJ Lee: First of all, I would love to be her buddy. I would need to recruit her to fight against Alicia Fox. I think she would kind of kick all of our butts so I’d have to keep her on my side.

Follow AJ on Twitter here and catch Hell in a Cell live this Sunday, October 26 on the WWE Network or pay-per-view.

(Credit: Blake Garris @BlakeGarris, Marvel.Com)

October 24th

Top WWE Diva AJ Lee Has High Praise For Newcomer Paige

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee opens up about her real life friendship with her on camera opponent on Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carroll

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee has a lot of praise for the woman she’ll face Sunday at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.

And that was a little surprising to me given Paige had shocked the WWE Universe by snapping AJ’s 295-day title run to earn gold in her debut match the night after WrestleMania.

During the course of our conversation, AJ told me the British-born 22-year-old came along at the perfect time and they’ve forged a friendship outside of the ring. After talking crap for about a year, she said she had just defeated every Diva on the roster a night earlier in the inaugural Vickie Guerrero Battle Royal. So, new blood was definitely needed.

“We needed something to give the division a kick in the butt and Paige is perfect for that,” she said.

AJ added that the other women in the locker room acknowledge that, which likely limited any animosity veterans may have had with a rookie coming in and winning the title.

At one point during their program WWE’s writers flirted with the idea of having the two flirt with each other in the ring. The (adult) tension was apparent on at least two occasions during broadcasts of Monday Night Raw, which she said was a blast.

“You didn’t know what we were going to do for a while. I think that made it,” she told me. “Whether we were out there for 30 seconds, it was ‘What are they going to do? Oh, they’re sharing chocolate candy. This is awkward!’ There was something about that just made it special. It’s was just two wonderful weirdos, we have no idea what to expect from.”

And although her adversary will be joining the cast of Total Divas next season, don’t expect to see AJ on the show anytime soon.

“It’s been well documented for the second season they tried to get me on board. I’m not interested in being famous. I’m interested in doing my job and doing it well and that’s wrestling and that’s what I love,” she said.

AJ also told me there’s nothing wrong with the show and she’s happy that Paige will add another flavor of Diva to the show.

“I could do it, but I wouldn’t do it. I’m just happy being who I am on TV two days a week and on live events and then going into my private life, and into my little hole in the middle of nowhere and having no one talk to me about my private life.”

Be sure to listen to the full interview (available at the top of the page) to hear all of our conversation that includes:

– Whether she knew she would win the Divas Title when she came back to WWE

– More on her in-ring chemistry with Paige

– More on her relationship with Paige

– More on why she just said no to Total Divas

– Debunking rumors about Total Divas cast members not getting title shots

– Who she wants to be in the WWE Hall of Fame

– Whether she considers herself Hall of Fame worthy

And because reading is fundamental, here are a few quotes.

On whether she knew she would win Diva’s Title after taking two months off from WWE

I don’t really know. I certainly didn’t know. That was a pleasant surprise. That’s the thing, every time I’ve put the title on the line against Paige she’s won it. So, I’m slightly nervous going into Sunday.

On bitter feelings from veterans after Paige won Divas Title in her first match

I think at that point in time it was exactly what we needed. Especially coming off of (WrestleMania XXX) where we had every single girl in the match. For a year I was talking crap and then I beat everyone. We needed new blood. We needed something to give the division a kick in the butt and Paige was perfect for that. I don’t think there was any other way it should have gone. I think everyone is kind of smart and they know that. If we have more interest and more of us can do well, then we all do well because of that. I hope everyone gets it. It was a smart move.

On teasing a same-sex crush between she and Paige

Well, we are a PG program. But I think that’s the fun part. The thing is everyone said my character is unpredictable and you didn’t know where it was going. And then to have somebody that does the same thing, that’s also kind of kooky and crazy and you didn’t know what we were going to do for a while.

The full interview can be heard at the top of the page. Naturally, it’s must-listen material.

(Credit: Chuck Carroll @TheChuckCarroll Turnbuckle Weekly, 106.7 The Fan)

October 24th

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige

AJ Lee vs. Paige

@JoeyStyles: I have the utmost respect for Paige. I was familiar with her family history long before the former Divas Champion made her NXT debut. Paige holding the NXT Women’s Championship and WWE Divas Championship simultaneously didn’t surprise me at all. All of that being said, AJ is in a class by herself. The former homeless little girl from New Jersey is living her dream and for good reason. She’s both talented and tough enough to have gone move for move with the greatest female grapplers the ring has ever seen, including Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah, Sensational Sherri, Madusa, Trish Stratus and Lita. WINNER: AJ Lee

@HowardFinkel: For me, this match is an easy one to pick. The Divas Championship has been like a hot potato. Since their rivalry began on April 7, this title has changed hands between these two four times. The potato stays hot, as I believe Paige will become a three-time Divas Champion by dethroning Ms. Lee. WINNER:Paige

Anthony Benigno: This is fast becoming the Lita-Trish of the new generation, and that’s kind of awesome. Paige and AJ’s latest tussle over the Divas Championship extends their rivalry into its sixth month, and it doesn’t hurt Paige that she’s got her best friend (and fellow, newly named “Total Diva”) Alicia Fox in her corner to help her get the coveted title back. Unfortunately, even as Paige further resorts to left-field behavior in her attempt to defeat AJ, the champion has (to borrow another phrase) been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. If Paige beats AJ it’ll be on skill and not mind games, but The Diva of Tomorrow seems firmly set on a cerebral game instead. Good luck with that. WINNER: AJ Lee

Jeff Laboon: AJ Lee doesn’t have many friends in the Divas division, but she has the Divas Championship and that’s what matters most to her. Paige’s budding friendship with Alicia Fox adds a new wrinkle to this rivalry, but AJ is used to overcoming odds. Paige and AJ have competed in some of the best matches of the year, and this should be another thrilling chapter in their series. WINNER:AJ Lee

Bobby Melok: While most would consider AJ Lee’s search for a new friend unsuccessful, it’s only proven that she’s more than capable of handling things by herself. Though Alicia Fox is sure to try to help her new BFF recapture the Divas Championship, expect AJ to foil their plans and retain. WINNER:AJ Lee

AJ Lee: 4, Paige: 1

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